Gray Fox - Helmet (Metal Gear Solid)

by Toribor Oct 4, 2017
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Hello friend, could you adapt some type of mechanism to make motorized plates?

I'd really like to, right now that level of design and precision is beyond me. If anyone reading this has any tips or advice I've been hoping to look into this.

I started printed it, it's been tough for now on my ender3. I'm definitely afraid of the big back top with a lot of overhangs. I hope my supports will hold on the 30 hours print. I'm also expecting a lot of painting sanding painting sanding painting sanding...

But the model is awesome. With 4 outer layers, it feels quite like a real piece of high tech military thing !

Hope I will get this through and post a proud make of mine someday.

Toribor - what did you use to do the lettering?

Hi, sorry to bother you, I would like to know the measure of your head to know if I have to adjust the model.

It has recesses where you can glue 8mmX3mm magnets to hold the pieces together. But it does not have any mechanisms to open and close.

Do any of the files have the round bit in he middle ? The picture showing face top doesn’t appear to have it
Definitely looking forward to trying a print of this

I'm trying to understand what round bit you are referring to. The open circle in the center of the face-plate is split into thirds with one half being on the GF-Helm_FaceTop and the bottom half on FaceLeft and FaceRight.

Fair I guess it’s hard to see that from the pics the make posted shows a round disc shaped thing in that circle which makes sense the way you say it’s splittinf the pics you have to make it look like it’s just and empty circle guess I was confused

The split files are missing some details, but nothing major like the big circle in front. I need to re-add the small circles by the cheeks, and then figure out how to handle the back panel (it will probably be a separate piece too). Also printed as-is you most likely can't wear it on your head and things wont line up and click together very well, I'm working on that too, but it might still be better than printing the whole thing and cutting it apart depending on the intended use.

Cool appreciate all your hard work I’m new to this I haven’t figured out how
Much it’s appropriate to tip makers and stuff but it’s obvious your putting a lot of work into this some makers I’ve seen don’t respond or fix things but if I make somthing I defiantly feel like it’s a good idea to tip the creator anyways thanks for all your work

Replying back to let you know the big update is here. I'm test printing it now, but all the files are final or very close to it.

Awesome thanks sooo much !!

Oh man that file update was a big surprise, kinda thought you abandoned work on this helmet

Would it be possible to add the files for each pieces of the face plate separately in your split test of the helmet please?

That's the plan. I am having issues with my 3D printer that I need to resolve, but I was planning on printing the split file update at around 50% size to see what tweaks I need to make before I continue on. Progress is slow, but this shouldn't be considered abandoned yet.

I see, keep up the good work, I originally tried to remix the file and slice the face plate out as well with 3D builder for windows but it didn't align up properly, great to see you've also added more details to the helmet

Replying back to let you know the big update is here. I'm test printing it now, but all the files are final or very close to it.

You talked me into putting in a bit of work this last weekend. I sized my split-test to the proper dimensions and made each piece a separate STL. I've only printed the FaceTop piece so far, but it worked great. I'll need to add details so they fit together better and clean up some geometry issues, but it should at least be printable in it's current condition. Only major flaws are the Base is still one big piece that probably wont fit over anyone's head, and I removed the details for the back access plate thing. I'll add those back in or make that a separate piece too once I resolve some more important structural issues.

Man the final result is amazing, seriously amazing work, also much easier printing now

Absolutely fantastic! Hoping to use this as a base for one rigged with servos and Airsoft hardened. Any updates on splitting the face plate into the 3 sections?

Late update, but I've been working on it. I'll probably have a split model here soon and then I'm going to try to make some improvements from there. I got pulled away from this project for a while, but I've also added some details and fixed a lot of geometry issues.

Fantastic news! Any chance you could drop a comment on here when you do? Also would you consider an alternate file with the main head section split in 2? due to it being too high for some printers by the tiniest amount and a bitch to slice for people like me with no 3D design skills

I went ahead and uploaded my first draft of the 'split' version with all the pieces separated. Geometry has been cleaned up a ton, some details are missing including the plate on the back and some 'dimples'. I'm printing it out now and based on how successful that is I'll continue to add detail and add whatever I need to get it to fit together properly.

Dude, AWESOME!! I was just looking around to find a 3d file that was separated. love the work so far, and keep us updated with pics!

Wanted to give you an update to let you know I uploaded a correctly-sized version of my split-test file with each component as a separate STL. It's still missing details, but it should be printable in it's current state. More updates to follow.

Looks good so far! Keep me up to date on how it goes. As a more personal question (Given the printer i have access to). Is there a neat way to split the section into two? The printer i have doesn't quite fit it on height wise.
EDIT: Just had a look at the file and other than splitting the main section (As mentioned before) it looks perfect for what id be hoping to use it for

Replying back to let you know the big update is here. I'm test printing it now, but all the files are final or very close to it.

Great work man,i love it !I saw you planning to split model into smaller parts,so what you think about idea to split it by stitches?

Replying back to let you know the big update is here. I'm test printing it now, but all the files are final or very close to it.

Thank you very much for this future update !love your work !

Yeah, my plan would be to split it along the lines where the helmet is supposed to open. I'm not rigging up servos on mine, but I know people have done that in the past. I had to make an additional cut to be able to fit it on my head, so I might include an option with or without that cut.

There is also some general geometry cleanup that needs to be done. I'm new to 3D modeling, so I'm kind of learning as I go.

Dude. I literally just tried printing the other GF helmet on this site. This looks FANTASTIC. Im glad my last print failed, im VERY eager to see what more you do to this. Thanks for the file, but Ill hold off until you update further!

Thanks! I couldn't find any free 3D printable models that were high enough quality so I've been trying to work this out for myself. I've prepped models for the body armor (although I've only 3d printed tiny versions as a test) but I need to figure out how I want split them up into smaller pieces before printing the large models and uploading them.

Here is an in-progress photo of the helmet: https://i.imgur.com/SYinVHe.jpg (Pardon the messy basement workshop)
It's cut to fit my head, then sanded/primed/painted. Decals/weathering/etc. coming next.

Ohhh looks great! Couple questions, is there a specifc eye model your planning or you going to do the lights entirely custom? Also, I got a pretty fat head, is the scale that you posted the scale you printed? And how well did that fit you? I got a CR-10 too just as a reference.

For the lights I'm currently planning on using a 12 LED Neopixel ring with a gemma controller: https://www.adafruit.com/product/1643

I'm new to arduino, so I'm kind of experimenting on that front. I bought a sheet of red acrylic plastic that I've cut down to fit the center, and some smokey gray acrylic plastic for the eyes. I'm still working out how to diffuse the light effectively. Wish I had a laser cutter for the plastic, but so far I'm optimistic about the end result based on my tests so far.

As for sizing, this print is scaled to fit me with almost zero wiggle room. I wanted to avoid the 'derpy large head' problem that a lot of helmets like this have on costumes, so I kept the fit very tight. It's still pretty comfortable, with a little bit of room, but I have to kind of pull the sides apart very lightly to avoid scraping my ears when I put it on. I bought a digital caliper, so I'll try to take some head measurements. That way you can see how your head is different from mine, and scale accordingly.

Printing the helmet upside down took about 56 hours so it'd definitely save some time and filament to scale it right. I think I got really lucky since I wasn't very scientific about my measurements.

Oh I like the idea of the light ring. Might go simpler for myself tho. I suck with non 3d-printer related electronics. Im going to scale it up by 15 percent and give it a shot. If I may ask what are your settings? and Cura or S3D? even at 100% for me its estimated more than 3 days.

Sliced in Cura. .2MM height I tweaked the support percentage to minimize it everywhere except under the chin and I got the print time down to around 56 hours.

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