cross tweezer

by joo Jun 24, 2012
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These are awesome--very useful--thank you for publishing your design. They printed perfectly at 0.3mm layer height with a 0.5mm nozzle on my Anet A8, sliced using Slic3r Prusa Edition, using Hatchbox Orange PLA. The clamp fit was very tight and required no glue.

Hey Joo, I printed out your tweezers and found them to be very handy for holding wires in place while I solder them. I decided to remix your design to improve on this function! Check it out and let me know what you think: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2120362

Improved Soldering Tweezers
by ty10y

Printed the tough version, the alignment is not too good and half the time the tips cross

Got a print but the tip does not align well. Something to do with the thin arm at the "X" point. Would be better if the width is 1/2 of the arm.

Not a bad print. I'll post pictures later, but getting the two arms to fit into the clip was a real pain. That's probably the point, to provide a lot of tension, but it is difficult. Once I got them in, they work great.

Excellent PLA print first time with no fuss!
20% and 2 outer layers on Oni H-Bot.
I bonded it with 2 drops of acetone from each side of the clip.
Then I filed the tips for a precise fit.
These are going in my rework station toolkit.

umm how do you bond pla with acetone? i thought that only works with abs?

I was printing something and said "I need to get tweezers so I can remove material without risking burns" and then downloaded this and it printed in 28 Minutes. God, I love 3D printing. Works really well. Great design, Thank you.

Made two sets for my work bench. Thanks

I reccomend using the tough-version, the slot puts a lot of strain on the plastic for the normal version. If you print them in colored plastic, you can see the bending turning those areas white almost immediately.

that really comes down to what settings you use. I designed the normal version since the first iteration of the design (the "tough" version) had too much force for smallish parts. If you print with 1 perimter and solid infill, it usually bends quite nice... 2 perimeters no infill can cause delamination

I'm not getting delamination. The layers are holding together, but there's a big line of stress below the notch that goes through ALL layers.

Stress concentrates around that edge, I can see plastic whitening whitening from being bent beyond its flexible point.

Did you print in PLA? That would be sturdier in some ways than the ABS I'm using.

Thanks for reminding me of this, I may try some variations on it, see if I can arrange a smoother shape that doesn't concentrate the strain so much.

printed it both in abs and pla on different printers, to me slicer settings and printer hardware change the outcome more than the material ;) gladly it's a small and reasonable fast print, so experimenting is easy

Maybe a wall in the back and matching slots int the arms could prevent the arms from moving putting the tips out of alignment.

Really clever design. I especially like the cutouts that vary the springiness of the tweezers - an ingenious solution. I've made it my Thing of the Week on http://3DGeni.us3DGeni.us:


Thanks for coming up with such a great printable object!

Works great for picking up very delicate objects that metal tweezers would damage. I found mine particularly useful when I had to clean up glass splinters. Regular metal tweezers just made more splinters, but these did the trick.

PLA material @ 20% infill and 2 shells, 0.27 mm medium setting on Makerware. Beautiful! Printed in 16 minutes.

Very cool. Probably the most useful thing I have made so far.

Very nice.

More than anything, it opened my eyes to the fact that we can design/print/use the tools we need rather than having to make do with the tools that stores want to sell.. :)

I modified mine by drilling a hole through both "arms", placing a screw with a spring on it in between them, then Super Glued it in place. Works Beautifully. Awesome Design joo!

Printed the normal one in red PLA, they seem to work great.

thanks for the pic :)

Very nice. The glue is a good advise.

glad you like it :-D