Rose - real flower

by euroreprapEU Feb 22, 2014
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Perfect for mothers day going to print for my mom!

And do I need supports or will it collapse?

Yes, supports are necessary..

Sorry, this was a polygon model from the start. There is no solid/nurbs version of it.

Can you share a solid model?

I am trying to print it smaller, but the walls gets too thin with the model being hollow.


do i add supports "everywhere" or just "touching build plate"?

Hi, supports are needed under almost every petal, so you should chose everywhere option - if available.

its a nice model but it is ruined by the text being where it is. For that reason i will have to pass on this one. I understand you wanting your name on it, but surely it can be placed somewhere more discreet on the model.

Comments deleted.

Oh, desn't the untexted version download properly? ( ROSE_EUROREPRAP_EU_UNTEXTED_20140224.stl
Last updated: 02-24-14)
Did You try it?

my bad i missed this one. Thank you. I'm so glad you did a non text vdrsion as this is the best rost model i have found.

:) Good luck with printing!
I think nowadays well tuned PLA or even "wood" filament would be the best choice for pain-less suports removal..

Thanks everybody! I was silent because of other "thing" I was working on :) http://www.ponoko.com/make-your-own/toys/diesel-locomotive-model-that-will-fit-lego-tracks--11629http://www.ponoko.com/make-you...
But talking about flowers, I'm happy to see people like this one. I have an idea to design a better rose from scratch - to solve problem of structure which is too subtle here. I also plan to start a small collection of other flowers, with good level of realism.. Hope I find a time..

Very nice one. Prints nice, but removing the support is a pain.
It would be nice to get this one in parts that can be glued together.
I haven't finished removing the whole support yet, and I allready have a few parts that came off because of the mechanical stress of the support removal.

Nice! Since texts do not grow on roses, could you please remove it and post the textless STL file? Many thanks in advance!