Double decker egg ramp

by nglasson Feb 23, 2014
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I'm in the US and trying to search for 22mm moldings with no joy. Could you please provide the dimensions of a cross section of the wood you used? I bought the nearest size of quarter round concave molding but I need to cut it to dimension to get it to work. It would help to know what dimensions have already worked in the original design.
Thanks for this great concept!

Would be perfect with timber replaced for printable ramps.

By all means, feel free to design your own printable ramps as a remix of this design. My general philosophy is to design things using the most appropriate material and method for function, aesthetic and ease of manufacture of the part being designed. If you wanted a design that used printable ramps, you would either need to have a 3D printer with a large bed (say 300 x 300), or you would need to design using shorter ramps (therefore less egg capacity), or you would need to design so that each ramp can be made from multiple parts clipped, bolted or glued together. Personally, I consider using a few cheap pieces of timber moulding for the straight parts is quicker and simpler to make and more aesthetically pleasing than trying to make it all printable. I look forward to seeing your remix.

You spoke about possibly making a wall mount option for larger capacity and chance still? Could another level be added?

This is not something I have done. My thinking was to drill holes in the vertical part of the brackets and screw them to the wall. Then extra levels could be added by just adding more of the same parts.

My husband made me one of these this Christmas. It's absolutely ingenious. Thank you for sharing your brilliant idea :-)

Awesome design, guess I'm off to Bunnings tomorrow to get some wood for this :-)

Hi nglasson, awesome model! I had some problems putting the pivot piece into the cup piece, it doesnt seem to pivot in place (very narrow slot) are we supposed to cut out one of the tabs?

Yup - you will need to break out the support from the flip cup (both of the "tabs"). As mentioned in the instructions - the flip cup includes support designed in. I did this to avoid the "all over" support that slicers may deliver. The cup surface itself prints fine without support and you get a better surface finish.

Where can I order this from?

Unless you live in New Zealand, shipping would be prohibitively expensive. Your best bet is to have a friend with a 3D printer and the skills to make one for you. Or you could order all the parts from an on-line 3D printing service like 3dhubs and buy timber and screws to assemble it yourself. Because I have licensed this design as non-commercial, anyone else who offered to sell you the whole thing would be breaching the license terms.

Angle of ramps? All depends on how long you make them and how far apart you put the brackets. I built mine with about 270mm between brackets and the fall is 10mm so that works out about 2° slope. It is not too critical though. If you made it too short then you might find the steeper upper ramp makes the eggs fall too violently.

what angle did you use?

This thing is awesome. Really well done!