Yomamma's Japanese Puzzle Box

by yomamma7 Sep 30, 2017
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Tolerances are all way off.....there's a lot of sanding work to get any of the parts to fit together. printed at .1mm. In some cases I had to take nearly .3mm off just to get the tabs to fit in the slots. I get you want it to fit tight, but you really should allow for a small amount of clearance, for glue squeeze out if nothing else.

Hey would it be possible for you to add a second lock on the other side of the lower panel 2. Also could you add the original key maps.

Really cool design and idea. My hat is off to you in that department. Unfortunately it didn't work for me. About 10 hours of printing I went to put the pieces together and the tolerances just weren't working. I printed it at a 0.2 mm layer height at 60 mm a second and while the parts look great they don't fit together. I would love to try printing this again if the tolerances were a little better and I knew that I would get a working box out of it. For now though sad to say that it is a lot of wasted plastic but a fun project at that. Thanks for contributing the design to the community and for the time and effort that you put into making it. And if you ever make a revised version of this please do let me know I would love to give it a go.

Could you make a video explaining how to solve it with sound to it and perhaps a assembly video where you assemble it on camera?

Fantastic model! I can't begin to tell you how impressed I am at the tolerances and how precisely things fit together!

Couple notes:

The latch that is part of the lower endpanel 2 has a small rectangle that extends straight out with no support. I successfully printed it, but that end looks like it's ready to snap off. A slight ramp to give the overhang something to build off of would help. (or an ever-so-small support that could be trimmed off after printing?)

In some cases the alignment diamonds fit perfectly. (almost snapping in) In other cases, had to carefully bevel both the hole and pin with an xacto blade to get them to fit. I'm pretty sure this is because of the "elephant foot" effect from the first layer squishing out, but it's at least something to know about.

(maybe bevel those alignment holes ever-so-slightly? I don't know. Maybe just tell us to grab an xacto knife. ;-D )

Having assembled it, I can confirm (to anyone else) that end key guides in the video are a bit different than the ones included in the files. The stl files included are the right ones.

These are really minor quibbles for a fantastic model. Thank you so much, I look forward to many happy times watching co-workers fiddle with it.

Glad you enjoy it. I am doing a very small one at this time will post in a month or so. The little latch was a quick fix and I should have taken a little more time on it to produce something a little more printer friendly

[sadness] As soon as I took it into work, a co-worker snapped one of the key shafts. (and this person is careful) I'll see if I can remix it with a fillet on the bases of those for strength. I also noticed that a few bevels on sliding edges (like maybe on the underside of the lid) would be invisible when closed, but things less likely to catch on an almost-aligned part.

Those pieces are different then in the video ... but the once downloaded/printed are the correct ones. (guessing he shot the video with a prototype)

Yes. I changed the maps so it would be a little easier

The base plate turned out too long making the bottom piece not able to slide down to remove drawer. Now sure if a slicing issue

When I print the pieces on the Ultimaker they all come out exact. I use Cura to slice and it seems to do it correctly

How did you get it so shiny

Those sides were facing down so they came out smoothe

Hey there,
I trying to get ready for print using cura slicer. Cura highlights Top/Bottom Thickness 0.5 in orange. I'm guessing for a warning? I have top thickness set to 0.5 and Top Layers set to 5. Since I'm kinda new to 3D printing I'm not sure I understand your settings properly.

Make sure that thickness is an even multiple of your print height