BABY DRAGON - Pen Holder

by Kimbolt Oct 1, 2017
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Hello there! Is it ok if I make this for a project at school? I love the design and I'm just hoping this is ok! <3

Sure, go for it. Really as long as you don't sell it, do with it as you want

My name is Bridie - This is my husband's account. I made your baby Dragon of Holding and I painted it using standard craft paints. I will be printing this one this week. You commented on his post showing my painting. You are amazing and as soon as I have extra cash, I will be donating to you! I wish I had the money now. Your design is worth it!

BTW We use AIO PLA and we DO NOT USE supports

For "PLA HAIRS" I clean them using my electronics/woodburning tools to remove or smooth.

Also, I recommend nail polish for toenails and fingernails, and I use a 00 round paintbrush.

This is the OTHER dragon that I painted. I use Selenite in the dragon because it is a stone of protection and removing negativity.

What color base do you recommend? White? Natural? Glow in the dark? This is so fantastic!

Okay, I printed this in black PLA. A couple of minor things:

1) The tail is not load-bearing and is rather fragile. If someone is printing with supports, make sure you're careful of the tail. It WILL break if you're not careful. I know this because I broke the tail off. There's probably a fine line between "tail actually connected all the way up the body, looks not realistic, but is not fragile" and "tail floating in free space, which is the way a tail would look, but is very fragile."

2) The toes are a little fragile. I lost four of the six while working on other parts of the model. I'll be printing another with tweaked settings, hopefully will make the supports come away nicer.

3) Warning to folks who are printing this in the future: There are Very Stabby Parts in this model. Please wear gloves when working with it! Points (a pun, ha!) of concern: the ears, the spikes on the head, the toes (although those are more likely to break than hurt you) and, the worst part: the base. The base is just thick enough and pointy enough it could really hurt you.

I'm actually hoping to try and print this without supports tomorrow, so we'll see if that works and/or is easier to clean up. I'm assuming that if it prints for me, it'll be very nice.

Then, next step, learning how to prime and paint. Although I'm more likely to just give this to someone more painty than I am. :)

I'm sorry you've experienced issues with this. I've printed it 10+ times with PLA and I've never ran into these issues, although I have a fantastic printer with lots of fans and I haven't printed this model with supports. Make sure you're printing with at least 4 outer walls/layers. This will help keep all of the parts together.

Which printer do you use? I have the FlashForge Creator Pro 2015. Just trying to figure out how the two printers compare as far as specs/angles.

what scale size should I print this to for best results?

I designed this to hold my wacom pen (at about 3.8" tall, or 97mm tall). It will hold a single pen upright, but it will hold it loosely at that size.

Thanks for the fast reply, all I need is for it to fit a regular sized pen. Do you know the best size for that?

I don't. You're going to have to scale it down, but I've only printed this for my wacom pen.

Awesome model. Thank you. Just started printing out at 226% size. Finger crossed. Will post made photo when done.

Awesome! Can't wait to see it! :-D

What filament did you use? Or is it painted.?

He's painted. I used Warhammer paints - Army paints and even cheap craft paints work as well - you just need to make sure to prime the object first.

Looks very nice... Thanks for sharing

This one is going in my queue. Great model, thanks for sharing.