Creality CR-10 S4

by jdub1981 Oct 3, 2017
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Not sure where you got this, but very useful. Thank you!

Thank you very much


Are there any dxf files for this? I am planning to laser cut the parts. I am not much familiar with SketchUp.

No model of the control box? I'm designing a table and wanted to know the full footprint of the machine+control box

Does anyone have the spec or model number of the the y stepper motor on the s4 and s5 thanks

Great, good job, I have a question, I do not know Sketchup, I work on Solidworks, is this several pieces setting assembly? is it possible to download parts in Step or STL, so that I can take the odds and redo them on solidworks?

Génial, bon boulot, j'ai une question, je ne connais pas Sketchup, je travail sur Solidworks, est ce plusieurs pièces mise en assemblage? est il possible de télécharger les pièces en Step ou en STL, pour que je puisse reprendre les cotes et les refaire sur solidworks ?

It is multiple parts, organized in groups. Yes you can export each thing as an STL from Sketchup using the stl exporter plugin.

Is there a way to use your files to figure out how to make my own DIY Cr-10 S4 by sourcing parts?

Install Sketchup and then download the Sketchup file from the link above. Use the model to design your own parts. That was the point of putting this model out there was so that others could use it as something of a template in order to design better parts.

Thanks so much!

Thanks so much for sharing. Im using this in Simplify3d as the printer model. Not ideal because of z axis, but tons better than just bare bed.

did you have to do anything special to make it work? I can get it to appear, but doesn't put the bed on it? Can you send me your version of the STL or OBJ files you used in Simplyfy3d? Thanks

Aweome job, that looks fantastic!

Can I trouble you for a version without z axis or z axis highest position. :)

No worries if no much trouble.

is there any way i can open this files in solidworks

Can you design it in Fusion 360? :)

I've never used Fusion 360.

link does not work. why not add the file to the others andupdate. Better yet export it as a step file or iges. and then add it to the others.


STP and IGES have been uploaded.

I am opening it now in MasterCam. It had a couple issues with some solid surfaces but MasterCam is pretty good about stitching the surfaces and repairing some things. It is opening rather slowly. I will reply once it finishes to let you know how the STP file is. If nothing else I will grab Sketchup and see if there are settings that will help to export a better STP file. I will try to open it in SolidWorks as well.

Its crazy, the sketchup file is 5MB and looks fantastic, all the other files are huge. If its your first time to use Sketchup then you can use get a free month of Pro which comes with more export options. Ive used it for 2 years so none of that stuff works. To seperate each part you can double click the group to focus in or you can explode each section. When you explode you will lose the group names.

Side note. I read sonething awhile back about issues with Sketchup groups that other CAD programs may have issues with. That may be a place to look if everything else fails.

When I imported the file into MasterCam none of the solids had arcs. That is a tolerance setting. So any circle used to create a solid actually came into MasterCam faceted (like a Stop sign). So I can't snap to the center of any arcs, which is making things very tedious and time consuming. But your work has saved me a bunch of time (and looks to be on the money) so thank you!

Circles arent truly circles in sketchup. In Sketchup you drawing a circle or arc you specify number of sides. So when drawing a perfect circle you must type 360S then give it a radius. Working with smaller number of sides drastically reduces vertices counts.

It cuts down on processing needs and file size and since nozzle size is .4mm i dont need extreme preciseness anyway. I know Sketchup has limitations but ive never had an issue printing anything I've modeled with it.

I tried it out when they first released it. But having access to MasterCam, SolidWorks and various other softwares it was never a priority to learn it. It looked nice though. Especially for use as a structure/hobbyist application. I am into model railroading and when it was first released a guy named Ed Traxler was designing some really cool scenery items and having them 3d printed. The stuff looked fantastic.

If you take a model created with polygons though and export a solid it becomes a very taxing model on a workstation. Because each surface (facet) becomes it's own 3d model. So knowing that now, you would be best to deal with IGES files (IGS), STL, or anything but solids. Which is perfectly fine for what we are using these models for.

But if you create a model that you want to be able to quickly modify later, like a part that will constantly evolve, you will find a solid model is the only way to go.

Thanks, Im taking your advice. I just started using Fusion 360 and am running through some YouTube tutorials by some guy named Lars.

that's awesome, I used to use Autocad but 3D modeling is not simple so then i started using fusion and haven't looked back, its a great program but it does take some learning...... I've been using it for about 6 months now and am still learning different ways to do things. i would love for a copy of the fusion file whenever you finish i'm trying to build a CR10 with local things i can find around here and i'm trying to scale appropriately but don't have a CR10 or file to model from in the first place so i'm doing a lot of guessing from images.... really want to get this thing going though....