Improved Preassembled Iris Box

by qanalog Oct 3, 2017
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After 42 hours it is perfect. It took an hour to make it smooth. Now it is brilliant.

I have a Ender 3 that I just got. Brand new to the game. I spent a whole day printing little posts to try to get the extrusion just right. The last few prints have come out beautifully. There are a few wisps but no threads. Wondering if anyone has tried this design on an ender 3? I would love to give it a go but was curious about a success rate. It appears very complicated. I can see a lot of potential for failure but if it succeeds it would be awesome.

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Hi Steve,

I'm glad you like it! In fact, the rotation pins are the same as Emmett's design. To get the leaves to stay in there are five triangular stops at the base of the model that the leaves bump up against when you open it. In the original design these are too small to hold the outer shell in place with the leaves closed (depending upon slicer/printer used) which lets you pop the leaves out of their pins. So this remix extends these stops up along the sides to better hold the shell in place.


QAnalog, first I apologize for massacring your screen name - I thought it had a foreign origin.

Next, I have deleted my comment with the misinformation to reduce any further confusion that I may have caused. I thought when you mentioned "extending the tabs.." that you were referring to the pins, and that seemed a logical fix.

But, still, this is a great remix of Emmett's box; and thank you so much for making the effort.


Oh hey man it's ok, if I wanted people to pronounce my name I'da chosen a normal one!

Just printed this, got it free to move, but won't really open or close without manually pulling the leaves up. Printed at .08mm layer height, wonderful surface finish, but won't work. Bummet.

This worked so much better for me than the original.
Beautiful in wood fil + Wife's handiwork in airbrushing.

Found it to be easy on loosening it up while it's still stuck to the build plate still, running a razor blade around the beads that hold the outer ring, and wedging up on all the leaves a bit , then turning it back n forth to grind-out any burs that might have happened internally.
I think the wood filament helped with the last part , seems to be pretty forgiving on imperfections.

200c Nozzle
60c HBP
.2 Layer
3600.0 mm/min

Tried printing it but it wouldn't animate. Was very sad, wasted so much filament.

This IS a difficult model to get moving the first time. It usually takes me an hour or so to get it to close. Did you sand away the supports after cutting them?

Didn't do any sanding. After cutting the dotted supports everything was still stuck and nothing budged. Then I yanked hard enough that something broke so I gave up.

Exact same failure results for me. Sure looks nice, but stuck won't move. Even after an hour of work.