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by OpenOcular Oct 5, 2017
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"SEO" tip: If you establish a remix relation between this thing and the 1.1 remix, people will find the improved version more easily :-)


(This will especially help this thing's most dedicated fans, meaning those who activated "watch" here.)

OpenOcular V1.1

Thanks for the tip. I'll try it out

The way it works inside the edit menu (of the remixed thing) is to check the box, "This is a remix". This brings up a new menu box, where you can either use text search to find the object you want to link, or (more efficiently) simply the thing ID from the URL (2567141 for the OpenOcular V1).

You wonderful wonderful human being. I've been dreaming about these for ages and couldn't figure out how to design it. Kudos!!!! Very impressed! Printing one for myself now!

Thank You!! I'm happy you've found this adapter and will be trying it out. Let me know how it goes and if there's anything else you'd like to see with the tool.

Hi, this is wonderful, but does it fit for a 1.25'' telescope optic ?

Hi t0mt0m. The adapter fits eyepieces to just over 50mm or 1 15/16" inches. I'm happy to know you'll be using it for a telescope! I'd love to know how it worked for you and if you can, share some images. Soon after my printer is fixed, I'll start producing new adapter designs so please do share any suggestions you may want to see.

That's good news, I really love your design!

Something that might help users would be a 3D model of the assembled adapter to figure out if it's suitable for their purpose.

With regard to a new design, my application would be use for daylight observation with a spotting scope. Spotting scope eyepieces typically go up to about 60 mm in eyepiece diameter ... mine has one of 56 mm.

Another requirement for daylight use is to block stray light from entering the room between eyepiece and camera lens.

Running around outdoors and trying to spot birds, the adapter also needs a good grip on the phone both to ensure alignment and to prevent loss of the phone. (I dropped mine into an icy lake when birding, but I'll admit that was more of a failed selfie attempt :-) My own adapter linked below has three clamps, but I plan to use four on the next version.

For astronomy use, I think the guys who are into that would love a version of your adapter to fit 2 inch eyepieces, as mentioned below.

Thanks for your complements. As you've suggested, there should be a fully assembled 3D model. I also believe there should be a spec sheet in the description. I originally didn't add one but future designs will certainly have it.

One of the main points of the OpenOcular design was to block stray light from overhead lights in a classroom while offering users the ability to adjust focal distance while attached to there scope. It hasn't been an easy problem to solve and there's much more to go but hopefully movement is in the right direction. Soon l'll release a new design that will serve your outdoor spotting scope needs without washing out the image and in a larger size.

Thanks for sharing your design too and your helpful tips! I look forward to trying it out.

The carefully designed barrel over the eyepiece certainly looks capable of keeping stray light out! I was thinking more about the gap between the top surface of the adpter and the bottom of the smartphone. I think you probably could raise this a couple of mm to align it with the level of the "screw smartphone clamp" piece's bottom clamp arm to eliminate the gap and improve light sealing. (If I understand the design correctly.)

In direct sunlight, light has a way of creeping through gaps that I found quite suprising, based on my experience with the first pattern of adapter I designed:


It's totally non-adjustable and has no moving parts, relying on material flexibility to retain the phone and the optics. Works beautifully if you get it right, but I only got two out of three prints right (expensive commercial laser sintering, back then), and due to the users updating their smartphones to newer models, these adapters are all retired already.

So I'm sold on your concept of making everything adjustable now! :-)

Digiscoping Adapter: Samsung A3 to LEICA APO-Televid 65

Trying to figure it out quickly with the somewhat temperamental measuring tool in FreeCAD, I'd say the maximum outer eyepiece diameter the adapter can accept is 50 mm, if I understand it correctly how the adapter is assembled. Please don't sue me if I got this wrong, though ;-)

I've designed a simpler and less sophisticated, but highly customizable adapter. It's still a work in progress, so if there's some feature you'd like to see on it, just leave me a comment, and I'll see what I can do:


Parametric Smartphone-to-Eyepiece Adapter

Thanks for your answer :) So if I understood, this fit on a telescope (31.75mm) ! I'm about to print it, I'm gonna see what you've done, thanks a lot !

I could have used this in August the camera I have for my telescope can't zoom out and just goes where the optic goes but great job will definitely print this before the next eclipse

It would be great if there's a piece like a tube between the camera and the adapter so the external light wont affect the images

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Would it be possible to have a version for an ipad pro 10,5"? Would be great for school ;)

Finaly a design which works without extra screws and nuts, love it! While the clamps work well, I wasn't able to get good pictures due to the big space between the smartphone camera and the ocular lens. Therefore I created a "quick and dirty" remix of the two modified parts, bringing the smartphone 5.5mm closer to the lens.

If you want to change the design according to this, I would further recommend to make the plate in the part where the camera looks through thinner to get even closer to the lens. 1mm should give more than enough strength.

This is what I have in mind:

If you see anything that won't fit, please tell me. :)

Open Ocular v1 clipped baseplate mod
by relet

Thanks for illustrating. The 90° eyepiece clamp works too. The design was tried a bit ago and is now posted.


OpenOcular PT35

Thank you! And it's definitely helpful to see the changes in the model for understanding. I'm now printing (the straight, but thinner baseplate model), which will either work for me, or help the learning process. :D

I'm thinking about clipping the baseplate as you recommend. Since you have printed the model, are you able to mount the eyepiece clamp at an angle, for example 90° or 45°? It seems that it would be possible to reinforce the base plate in the other direction if it weren't for the thumb nut holder on the housing eyepiece. Thank you!

Then again I noticed the frame already is reinforced behind the baseplate, so maybe that won't even be necessary.

Thanks Sebastian and relet for the feedback. A new design is in order and bringing the smartphone closer to the eyepiece will definitely need to be part of the update.

Relet, the eyepiece will clamp 90° relative to the eyepiece. Are you looking to clamp 45°?

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I love the design! I've printed one out and realized it cant fit any of my 2in eyepiece barrels. The largest barrel is 81mm in diameter. This eyepiece in particular is my low power eyepiece. (Explore Scientific 82deg 30mm)

Is there anyway you can scale this part of the adapter up to accommodate larger eyepieces for the astronomy community?

This design is better than most holders under $100

Really like the design, uses >100g of filament though...