Anycubic I3 Mega - Sensor Guide

by Danlim Oct 4, 2017
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THanks - I printed one of these. MOst of the time perfect.

The original part, which is inserted to this "bracket" sometimes falls down out of the bracket during printing.
Anyone experienced this problem? I think about taking the hole in the original part and use a rubber band or so to push it upwards a bit - but I am wondering if i am the only one with this problem.

Does not work with anycubic i3 mega version 3 buyed 2018, sensor is different, it has the cable connector at the side of the mounting hole, so it does not go in the slide.

Made a version for this sensor: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2899924

Anycubic I3 Mega Filament Sensor Holder v2 Improved

It still using the magnetic ball concept... not really good.
I was hoping they can incorporate into the filament extruder.. less extra item to move around. Also less dangling cable.

Be careful new version of anycubic i3 - mega 04 has different model of sensor and it wouldnt fit

I like to see what they have improved or change... can post some picture...
During when I had my i3 mega last year, I notice the original filament sensor is not design properly... It is like off-the-shelf product. I wrote to Anycubic about this and ask them to improve on this area... Hopefully they got it right or close to what it suppose to be...

The New Version, i think i have one of these, has a different Sensor. Is looks different to your pictures and video. If needed i can take some pictures or measurements.

Probably they have done some improvement... is this a better sensor mount than before..,


the sensor "mount" is still the same. with the magnetic ball etc.

the sensorcase looks different. i'm not home at the moment. i will take some pictures of it and add them to this post here.

works perfectly, thanks so much! SOOO much better than the original wobbling magnetic solution!

I made one and i can tell it work perfectly. Very good job !
No problem during the moving downward, and the sensor is much more effective in that position. Just need to change sensor design to attach a tube so i can insert filament from down table. Made too the filament holder, both together is amazing.
Congrats !!!!!

Thanks for your like... That's good idea... Let me see if this can be implemented in the next revision..
Btw, when you finished your printing, the hotend will move up to certain height. At that point, the sensor may not be fully contact with the extractor, just give a small push before you start any print. Enjoy...

Thanks for the push advice but made plenty printings and had no problem. If you plan a modification on the sensor to connect a tube, will patiently wait your creation, you are years ahead on pieces design compared to me....

We learn as we grow... you'll one day be what you want if you put in effort.
Btw, do check out another of my design on Spool Cap, together with the Sensor guide, it will makes the printing very smooth... hope you like it...

Anycubic I3 Mega Filament Spool Cap
by Danlim

When i spoke about filament holder, it is in fact spool holder, your spool holder, and both together with the sensor guide are perfect. I recreated a spool holder with your design to fit on 500g and 750g spolls, will publish the stl on your spool cap thing.

Nice... I'm glad you like it. When I create this spoolcap initially, I wasn't expect anything until when I did the first print. It is just so smooth and don't have any noise. The beauty is that it move slowly.. not too loose, not too tight... Thanks for recreated from this model...