GoT inspired chess board

by Abu_Jayden Oct 5, 2017
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can i get the houses file you used? thamks!

I'm not the most organized person but I think these are the original files I used to create the house sigil shields. I noticed that your profile has several "likes" of smaller logos. If you want to make your own, Win10 has a free app called 3d builder. It is not great for designing but It does a decent job of importing vector (or any black and white) image and adding depth to it for printing. it also does a great job at changing the scale of models to fit your needs.

What scale did you print these at? Default doesn't seem to work well, not limited by board size yet so anything goes. Thanks in advance for the advice.

These models are the same ones I printed.what seems to be the problem?

I thought so too after printing the pawns, came out fine, albeit the lettering on the shields wasn't great in terms of my result but readable. I get some layer lines on deanery the queen, looked as if it was caused by me printing at too low of a scale. Guess I'll have to fiddle with the settings if printing at default scale is normal, as yours came out fine! My printer should be more than adequate. Thank you!

I have the cheapest printer available, the monoprice select mini. it is not the best, If you look at the pics, you may notice I have layer lines as well, you may have better luck scaling it up 10-20%, It will deff help with the king. a lot of detail is missing with the king at the default scale. the tower is very fragile as well at this scale.


Do you use supports for the tower ? I did the knight without them and it's perfect but not sure that the tower will work without them.
Thanks for your help and this nice work

I did not use supports for the tower. Print slow if you can. Your knight looks amazing, Great job!

Ok ... Done .... The result is nice.

The five blocks on the top are very breakable. Perhaps a way of modification on this part.already 3 are missing.

But very nice work. Many thanks.

Thank you for the input, The original model for the rook is over a foot tall so scaling is an issue. I think I only have 2 blocks left on all of my towers.one of my towers imploded.I attempted to make the upper blocks bigger but it changed the overall look. I have not tried printing them with a higher resolution, only .175. That may be a solution.

I never got around to documenting my print settings for this before Cura updated. Unfortunately I lost all the original settings awhile ago. I do remember, I printed these at 0.175 layer height or below with a 20% infill.What issue are you having? I attached a higher res pic of my sets, they did not come out too great either but the set still turns heads.

well i figured the hardest to print would be the king and thats the only one i have tried so far but the sword doesnt print all the way down like in model and the throne itself is very messy and just kinda blah looking. it seems from your pic you have the same issue with the sword and throne so i guess its not to far off haha. i love the set otherwise and still plan on printing

OK i brought it up with cura and used the layer view. It was all messed up for the size and resolution. I made the main sword thicker and added some thicker handles to 3 of the rear swords. Only half of the swords will print at this small size unless your printer can handle high resolution. I uploaded the new king as Got_King_v3

im using a robo r1+ and mattercontrol as i dont have money for the expensive program and cura just doesnt wanna work with me.

what are your print settings? i cant seem to get the king to print very well

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super sa me donne des idées pour un autre theme ,merci

vous êtes les bienvenus J'aimerais voir ce que cela inspire.
you are very welcome. i would love to see what this inspires.

Great work. I love the use of my rook. Thanks for the shout out!

Thank you, Your rook was perfect for the look of this set. I love it.