Anet A8 Z-Axis Anti-Wobble Upgrade

by s34n72 Oct 6, 2017
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oh good.. someone made one that makes sense for an anet with the z screws installed correctly.. Going to try them. Thanks...

I wonder if you might elaborate on the reasons for this. I have gotten over the initial blush of the arrival and am beginning to take a hard look at the upgrades needed within reason of course. So a test print or two going on at present and am gathering possible fixes for problems I may not even have. This design would imply that the lead screws for the Z axis are more oft than not,...err uh for the lack of another term.. bent and that would be from the factory or from poor shipping practices like tossing and kicking :-)
Best regards

Hi. well I can't say if the lead screw are often bent but if they are even just a little then this mod will help.

this mod basically detaches the x gantry from the lead screw nut that way the gantry has freedom to only be guided by the linear rail.

as a bonus i find it very handy when i need to work on or clean the nozzle. as rather than wait for the z axis to go up all i have to do is lift the x gantry and put a filament box under to support it.

also if there is a bump or blob on the print the nozzle wont tear into it the x carriage will simply lift over it.

Hello :-)
Which screws and nuts are needed for fastening

Hi. The original m3 bolts used to hold the brass nut will work (just 2 for each side) but if you have shorter m3 bolts they will be better.

Screw them in carefully making sure you keep them straight so as to cut an even thread. Dont over Tighten. They only need to snug up as there is no tension on the screws.

Thanx for your interest in my design and I hope this helps