Tevo Tarantula Bed Support

by RobFlip Oct 7, 2017
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This has been a huge upgrade for my printer!
Thank you for this great design!

I printed them in PLA and it works fine.

Awsome design :) Congrats.

What is the distance between the corner holes? I wonder if this may be used for a 220mm * 220mm bed of an Anet A6 :-)

Much more stable than the stock frame. Very happy with it! Good job

i can't seem to find it anywhere but was there anything extra you needed to buy to put it together or all stock bolts and what not?

Will this fit also on the large bed version ?

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Wings are assembled backwards. flip them over to avoid touching the bed insulation

Great design am printing this to replace the acrylic part of the mount cause it sucks quick question why is there a square hole in one end of the base model is it so that the endstop fits perfectly there ? i cant seem to find any other reason for it to be there

that square is for removing the part after printing. you know, prying location to remove it from the bed.

thats so damn cool and would be usefull 3 parts ago :P

Ran your mount as a MOTW over at /r/tevotarantula. Thanks for the kick ass mount. I've added it to our curated section for quality upgrades.

Hey there,

Noob here. If i load the stl files in the slicer it shows them upright. Due to the form factor of these artifacts i guess they wont stand still during printing. So should i just add support to it or i should rotate them in a way that they will be laying flat on the bed? PLS help. Cheers

No support, just lay them flat. choose the flat surface of the model to lay on the bed. happy printing!

I laid them flat.

Do you think, that it is possible to print it with PLA?
What do you think?
btw, it looks great,
Do you guys feel any stiffness against original ?
Thank you!

If you join r/tevotarantula i did a post on this. Just look for robflips bed mount i posted for motw. I tested my acrylic with temps at 75c, and the acrylic stayed at 29/30. PLA is acceptable. But the potential for warping over a long amount of time may still be there. I just don't know when that time span is. https://www.reddit.com/r/tevotarantula/comments/7w71q5/tmotw_19_tevo_tarantula_bed_support/

yes i know melt temps for materials, but i still have problem with adhesion with ABS, im printing on printer tape (no glass, because i have autobedleveling), and i have huge problems with PETG, however, It prints PLA like dream, so i print this from PLA, working nice, so im happy with it, just printing time was quite long :)

Can you confirm the bolts were in fact M4 x 30mm. I'm seeing packs of bolts online and the ones I need most M4x10mm and M4x30mm seems to be skipped. So want to make sure it's the right ones I'm chasing.

Hello, yes you need 30mm long bolts. Maybe at least 25mm.

I printed mine out of PLA. 2mm sides, 1mm top and bottom, at 25% infill and it's 100x better than the original.

Thank you, im going to try it with PLA :)

Any chance you could make a 120mm version or a modular version that goes from 120, 180, 200(220 beds ), 300x200, 300x300, etc
I'm building 2 3D printers and also bought a Tronxy X1; then found a 120mm heated bed I'd like to mod onto the Tronxy X1 which is why I ask.

I have included the step files, you can edit them according to your needs.

How long do the m4 bolts have to be?

I don't have my tarantula yet but i'm guessing at M4x30 for the screws since the height is ~23mm for the bed and wing support together.

Is It better than mgn12h rail support?

Comments deleted.

Thanks for the stp files, I don't intend to use it for w.e printer you meant it to be for, but the design is quite elegant and I'd like to use it for my own purposes. Thanks!

No problem! use it in any way you want!

It looks like this raises the bed from the original position. Did you use shorter springs or just give up some Z height when using it?

I'm making one right now, center and two arms complete so far and it seems very sturdy. Thanks.

Yes, it will raise the Z a bit. right now my z can go as far as 180mm but I never had the need to print such height.