Printing in 3 dimensions, part two...

by joris Feb 24, 2014
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For this kind of things i recomend you to use Silkworm for grasshopper-Rhino.

I totally agree...! unfortunately I don't master grasshopper....

it is a silicon sheet you normally use for baking things in the oven. It does'nt work great though. Most times I use Alu tape to prevent cold air flow to the heater block.

cheers / joris

Hi , great job, a question, what material you use covering the blue block heater? greetings from Argentina

joris, you did it again! very nice! how did you do the "up and down" print? with your dynamic z plugin for cura?

For this I modified two layers of gcode by hand and then copy paste with some G92 Z&E something in between....

Would be really nice if somebody wants to create a plugin [Hint Hint!].

Well done! I was wondering why no one had tried this before when the 3D Doodler was kickstarted.

Very cool Joris! I've always wanted to see dynamic Z moves - I think we're really going to see slicers evolve to do some very helpful things with dynamic Z... it would seem a good idea for quicker, easier support material where appropriate. Slic3rs new "spiral vase mode" is a step in the right direction but this here is the next level :-)

In Cura there is also a spiralize option. as comented at Youmagine: The spiral is 'just' cura with layer height 20 and wall thickness 0.04
to compensate the flow [and then still tweak the speed and flow live to
30% iirc]. The 'mesh' is first generated with cura, then manually move
for to layers every second point in z and then copy paste with the right
G92 Z.. E.. in between...


Can you provide some details about the fan setup you used? How did you wire it up, what kinds of fans, how did you mount them, etc.

this will follow, I still have to post it... [sorry!]