Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Makita Dust Shoe (RT0700-RT0701C)

by scottyorr Oct 7, 2017
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I've been using this for a year or so (with my own 3D printed bristles) and it works great. But it mainly picks up when the nozzle is over the right area, so cuts to the right clear well, but not ones to the left. I wonder is there is a way to get "the suck" closer to the action, or even to sculpt things to create a vortex?

I have some ideas for a redesign, but my CNC is packed away for awhile after a move. I will look into it though - I know what you mean.

Hey man, just wondering if you could share the scad for the bottom? I'm looking to use this with the brush strips you can get online, and they look to be around 4.5mm wide. The current version is a bit too tight to get them to fit. Thank you!

It's already in the V4 scad file. See "module lower()". To get it to render, just uncomment the appropriate lines at the bottom of the file. Good luck!

Thanks! Took me some banging around in the code to figure out what did what, but I uploaded a remix after I got it sorted. Thanks again.

Glad to see your version! I've got some of that brush strip - I might print out your remix and give it a try. Thanks!

Would you be willing to upload the v4 .scad file? I need to tweak the positioning and size of the vacuum hookup but like the v4 connection to the router. Thanks!

Done! You might need to wait a few minutes (or refresh) for it to be visible.

I like this design. I have 2.25 inch vacuum hose (standard for shop vac). Could you adapt your files for this size vacuum hose?

I could just narrow my present hose but this would limit my air flow and be less effective.


That would be pretty major redesign, and I just don't have time right now (or a way to check it) - sorry. However, the OpenSCAD file is included, so you might be able to figure out what I've done and adjust it. I think there are probably better designs for something like that anyway (that would be easier to adjust for the Makita).

Thanks for the reply. I do not know OpenScad and the little I do know is enough to cause trouble.
Maybe someday you will have time!

thanks again

This is a great print - any chance you could add a photo of the way you used the v4 3" clamp - from the way it looks is it as simple as the slots allowing the pla to flex and pull up tight when you put the pipe clamp over the top and do it up?

Yup, that's how it works. Photo added - thanks for the suggestion!

Fantastic Thanks , this will work sweet on my xcarve. Also fits my generic brand Shopvac hose perfect with no adaptors mint!