Bike Hoist (35lbs max)

by cyamate Oct 7, 2017
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This is super cool great work! Id love to see this remixed into a climbing hoist of some sort... :)

Has anyone actually built one of these yet? I'm so anxious to know!!!

btw, amazing work on this hoist, truly a great project, thanks for sharing!

None of the amazon links go to actual product pages. Any chance you could update them? Many of the items can be searched easily enough, but things like the motor require specs (RPM, voltage, etc) and I have no idea what you used...

I'm not really sure how to fix this. is there a better way to create links than just copying and pasting the url? In the meantime the motor is a 12v BEMONOC 260RPM worm gear motor. sorry about the inconvienence, hopefully you get this make done!

And hey, no such thing as inconvenience here; I think that the fact that you shared this project is amazing, you clearly did a lot of work on it. I can't wait to try to build it myself. I've actually been looking for something like this for a while. I was on the verge of building something myself, but it would not have been so elegant.

wow, thanks! this is why i post my things. I really just want my designs to be used in the world, that is gratifying enough for me. yes, I did spend a lot of time on this design, it was designed for an engineering class. to give you an idea i used an entire spool to prototype the project! probably 200 hrs of SolidWorks and 200 hrs of printing!! good luck with the project and thanks again for your recognition!

What I usually do is go to the product page, then click the Share link (upper right area). In the window that pops up, there will be a shortened amazon link. For example, I think I found the motor you used, and this is the link I copied from the pop up "share" window: http://a.co/goUd7fp

dont buy that motor! too fast. I fixed all my links (Thanks) and saw that your tip had a link to the wrong motor! here is the correct gearhead with that motor. http://a.co/5WFvhQe hopefully you didnt purchase it yet.

No, I didn't buy anything yet. Thanks for fixing the links, I'll check them out.

I was actually considering skipping the batteries and going with AC power so I don't have to change batteries. My thought was to mount the winch on the ceiling of my garage (9ft ceilings) and relocate the switch on to a nearby wall. That way I could just step into the garage, hold the switch, and get the bike down. I would just need to rig up some kind of cable manager so the power cord can move up and down with the winch, like maybe a coiled cable or something. The other thing I was considering was using two of them at once to hang the bike by both wheels, keeping it even further out of the way on the ceiling.

We'll see what I actually end up doing...

the hoist has a charge port and rechargeable batteries so you shouldn't have to change batteries only charge them every so often. you could rig one hoist to have two parallel hooks to lift a bike in its horizontal orientation if you got creative with the pulleys. make a square with the bike being the bottom side and walla! (that wasn't the best way of explaining my vision... but...) yes an aux switch would be cool! you could design a plug for the current switch hole that allowed 3 wires to come out and go to the remote switch! I thought of including this feature but i really wanted to move on to different projects at the time. Also I designed this just before my new 18650 Li-ion battery obsession and i really regret not using those batteries rather than rechargeable AA's. thats all.

can i use pla for this

not sure how strong it will be, certainly some parts are acceptable in PLA. Give it a shot, the expensive part is the hardware. I am really waiting for the first 'make' to be posted! hopefully you noticed that I used a 0.6 nozzle for most parts for strength and speed.

Do you think that doing this in all ABS would still have the same capacity?

I would think so. ABS isn't great for gear face contact. I'd try and use ABS and nylon. PETG has less warpage and bed adhesion issues.

Thanks, if I give this a try Ill see about getting some nylon or PETG. I have yet to try printing with anything other than ABS.

ventilate well my friend, ABS is the worst to breath. I only print ABS in the summer when I can keep the fan on and window open. plus higher ambient temps help with ABS bed adhesion.

Also on an other note, always prototype in PLA!! Our planet will thank you.
Decomposition Rates exposed to sun and soil.
PLA - 3-6 months.
PETG - 400 years
ABS - 1000 years.

just keep these figures in mind as a maker. happy printing!

I will keep that in mind thanks.