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ActionCam Stuff

by odudex Feb 24, 2014
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Thank you so much!

I'm having an issue making the quick disconnect clip part. I printed it on an UP! using ABS but the two clips you need to bend broke when I squeezed them. Is there a specific material that works best with parts that need to flex? I oriented the clip vertical to limit the need supports, perhaps laying it flat and will help with the clip strength?
I have access to a couple of different printers one does ABS and one PLA (UP!3d and Makerbot replicator 2).
Oh the HDR-AS100 can be used without the case so something to also look at. I'll upload my AS100 stuff when I get it all sorted out.
Thanks, Jeff

Dear Jeff,
The male fast clip part must be printed horizontally, FDM printed parts are always weaker in vertical axis due to layer adhesion issue. It also should be printed in ABS because of its flexibility. PLA cannot bend.
If you'll use it with more extreme sports I strongly recommend acetone finishing to make the ABS part stronger.
This design is very similar to the original, witch was designed to be injected in a high quality engineered plastic. If there is demand for it to be printed I'll redesign it having 3D printing in mind. So post your prints and videos!
Regards, Eduardo

thanks for the reply I was able to print horizontally and seems to be ok that way. I think if I make any more I'll make the arms just a little thicker.

Nice work!
Is the housing mount made for the AS15 housing or the smaller AS30 housing?

Thanks lassealm. To be honest i did not know the as30 had a smaller housing. The MTB frame Kit was made for AS15 with waterproof case. I you have an AS30 and you provide me outer dimensions I could model a variation to fit it.

Ok, The AS30 housing is smaller and has buttons on the side to axess menus. I am working on a GoPro female clip adapter now to be able to use GoPro mounts with the Sony Cam. Printing prototype now...

AS30 seems to bee better! An adapter to GoPto would be really good for those who want to migrate to cheaper and better Sonys! GoPro also have more mount options, and I bet a lot of people would like to use them with Sonys. Good luck and post it here after finished!

Here is the adapter I was working on in some different versions:

Sony Action Cam to GoPro