Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Flash drive - Pendrive Case- F22 Raptor

by bramesh501 Oct 8, 2017
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I finally got around to attempting to print this. Just a few comments.

It doesn't print on an FDM printer, the wings, vertical, and horizontal stabilizers are too thin (much narrower than 1 nozzle width in many places and the slicers didn't want to even render a toolpath in many places). It does print on a DLP resin printer, but just barely. The vertical stabilizers are so thin that they're flexible, using monocure rapid resin. Turns out that's surprisingly beneficial, it makes it much harder to break them off accidentally, and I might try to get a hold of some flexible resin for the final attempt, knowing that. The wings and horizontal stabs seem to print well enough on the resin printer, if you can get support to attach well. We'll see what happens after a longer post-cure. The pitot tube is a little too thin to print on my resin printer, but that's ok the nose section still looks great. I haven't been able to test the usb slot yet, I need to reprint the nose. I had too much support in there.

I like the size, it would make a nice work desk model with an emergency usb stick hidden inside. Any chance you can design a stand for it? I'll make another attempt tonight, but it'll be 24+ hours before it's done.

Going back through the slices, it looks like there's a bunch of non-manifold faces in there that aren't slicing correctly. Might be worth running it through netfabb. Like on the leading edges near the root of the vertical stabilizers.

thank you for trying out my model, i modeled this based on original scale model, then came a idea for making it as flashdrive, so the exact scale must be small in order for it to fit like a pen drive so that's why the wings and stabilizers are thin when you print it, i will make a model which will be printable but not accurate to original model specially for you.....i'll message when i finish the model (please tell me what is the minimum thickness that your fdm printer can print so that i will model the plane)

Looks like the tolerance on the usb cap is fine, it fits my flash drive well.

Most FDM printers have a 0.4mm nozzle so the smallest line they can draw is somewhere around that, and ideally it needs to draw a complete outline for a layer. So if the minimum thickness was 0.8mm it should be easy for most people's printers.

Another thing to consider to reduce the amount of support required to print it is to cut the wings and tail surfaces off at their roots so they can be printed in the most optimal orientation and then glued on after. Some kind of feature so that people can see where the tail surfaces line up when glueing it on would be helpful if you went that route.

Thanks for modelling this for us!

Added a file called Main body 1 thickened.STL in this model. this is model have thick wings, stabilizer and elevators.....since i don't have a 3d printer i only able to slice it in simplify3d, i included the picture,..

Looks good! I'll give it a try and post pictures

That version is much easier to print, but the leading edges of the vertical stabilizers are still very difficult for a printer to handle. If you print it as you oriented it in the simplify3d screenshot, most of the surfaces print well, but if you use the preview feature to see the toolpath at the forward-most part of the vertical stabilizer (the lowest layer that the vertical stabilizer starts printing on), you'll see that it starts with just a very tiny point touching the support material, not attached to the main body. It's not enough surface area to remain attached to the support unless I tweak support so that it is not removeable after printing.

I know it's not scale, but if you attached the forward tips of the vertical stabilizers to the body, then the vertical stabilizer would grow out of the body and it wouldn't be so hard for the support material to manage.

Or, the other way to deal with it while keeping it as scale as possible would be to remove the vertical stabilizers and print them separately. That would make it easy to print on most people's printers.

uploaded another part with the vertical stabilizer (starting and ending portion) attached to the body and also separate stabilizer as you mentioned,

Does this glue over a existing flash drive?
Also you should make a Car version

i recommend you to remove the existing cover of your flash drive and use this case and also which car you want....