Forbidden Watchtower

by kijai Oct 8, 2017
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Please read my description along with my make I just posted. It has some useful hints.

Absolutely love this!! Can anyone tell me if the slanted roof on its own require supports when printing?

Thank You for Your quick response.
243% I will Try and let You know. this is X = 89,29 mm
I Tried to rescue it according the settings and the Simplify 3D Settings
looking at the Tower size X = 87,05 mm

Tanks Again

Did you have luck with 243%? I am trying to print the large one and ran into the same issue. I open both roofs in Repetier, scale them, but they are two different shapes and sizes.


Super design, really like it
have a question please.
I am fairly new at 3D Printing

I am trying to make the bigger one and which to use the files

base_without_tower_01 & tower_01
think those fit perfect but when I load the Roof.stl file they are very small
what would the right scale size be to fit. may be a funy question for some users but me as a new commer ion 3 D Printing it would be very helpful to get this info.

Thank You very much in advance.
Please assist


That's a legit question since I forgot to scale the roof for that purpose. I checked it quickly and it looks like it should be scaled 243% to fit the default size of those files you mentioned.

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Your design is amazing. Do you mind if I ask you about your technique? I am curious as to how you made each individual rock at the base.

Thanks! I use 3D-Coat and it has tools to create a brush from 3D objects and the cursor snaps on the surface. So basically I modeled one stone which I then just placed many many times rather quickly. Problem is mostly the clean up after so you don't have too many extra holes and of course making sure there aren't any unprintable overhangs etc. etc. 3D-Coat is very powerful tool for stuff like this :)

Thank you so much for the reply. Are you using the 3DCprinting license? At a quick glance it looks like the only difference between it and the professional license is the use of textures.

Yes you can use the 3DCprinting version for the process I described.

I really like this model. I am just printing it as I'm writing this. I did though have some troubles when slicing it with Slic3r Prusa edition. It did have some faults in the model that I had to fix with the native Windows software; 3Dbuilder (not a great program, but it did slice better with the fix). Then the bottom wasn't flat, and I needed to cut a bit of.
Great model though. I'm looking forward to a finished print.

Right, it looks like the file for the whole tower in one print was an older one still... thanks for letting me know, fixed it now :)

Wow, that worked perfectly. Thanks!
I'm still going to finish the one that's printing now though. Hopefully, I can soon press on "I made one". :)

Love this print. May you do me favour and split the model so that the tower is separated? Right at the door (top of stairs). This would aid tremendously when I scale this to 400% and print. I know I can slice horizontally but it would be wicked if the tower inserts inside around the rock wall. Hope my request makes sense and is possible. I attached a screen shot of where I mean for the tower to split.

Many thanks.

It does look doable, I'll look into it tomorrow.

Thanks. Looking forward to printing this at 300-400% scale for my backyard.

Well it was a bit more work than I thought as the latest version with the parts separate lacked some stuff I had done on the merged model. Also because the tower isn't perfectly straight but tapers a bit it won't be a perfect fit. I updated the object with the new files, you can judge yourself if it serves your purpose, hope it does since I'd love to see it printed that huge too :)

OMG perfect. I will make this work!. Now, let's see if I can get this printed this week. Thanks.

Has anyone printed this at a size where it could fit inside the Forbidden Island box under the plastic game-piece holder? Would make an nice game prop.

Ran into a really wierd problem, I printed out the hollow tower using cura and twice my printer stopped at the same place. My printrr just froze completely not responding to anything. Any ideas?

Other prints which are taller print just fine.

I'm having the exact same issue printing just the tower file. First was trying to print at high quality, it got to halfway then stopped. Changed it back to medium got super close to finishing then stops, with both heaters still on. Tried 3 different times same thing, using Simplify3D.

That sounds very weird indeed and I have never heard of it before with this model, did you slice it again between the attempts? Are you printing from a SD card? Gcode file corruption can cause this I think.

Yep, printing with an SD Card. Pretty sure I sliced it again before printing the second one but will try again with a new SD Card just in case. Kinda fustrating cause they both failed at around 98% :(

Loving your models btw, currently printing out the citadel. Great work!


First of all very nice model, i just wondering if it is possible that you can make some adjustments on it. I have a winter landscape in my living room and i want to place it with the other stone models. I have some led light bulb that i can put from the underside into the houses. Can you make the inside hole complete until the bottom of the piece? Also when it is possible a small rear external output for 2 small cables?

Thanks for your help

Right, I thought I had done this already but apparently forgot to upload the file, kinda embarrassing that all this time I thought the file is exactly what you're asking, minus the rear hole for the wires. Anyway there's a new file that should be what you're looking for :)

Thanks for the very fast answer,Don't mind that you forgot the file, I always have some stupid mistakes myself. I test the piece in the slicer and it is complete what i was looking for thanks you very much.
This print will be a test for my new prusa i3 mk3 printer, but my order will be end of January there so when i print it i put it on the made map for you. I hope there is some grey filament that josef prusa loves's with my new printer. I think i have a nice model to test that filament now;-)
Thanks for the model.


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Printed one of these at 110% (10.5hrs on low detail, from my Monoprice Maker Select V2) really liked the results, but I may up the detail, and see if I can get more top layers, to flesh out the steps better... in looking at your other work, it seems I may have to go to the hardware store, and get myself a shelf, so I can have a spot to store/display items you have created... I'm loving everything Ive seen so far, and will have to grab some more filament soon, so I can continue to print these out in the 180x180x180 mm volume I have available... seeing the one other model with a separate base and tower is really exciting, as that means I can scale that up to almost twice the print volume... I'm looking forward to it! (I ended up giving the print away, so I will have to print myself another in better quality!)

This is some high praise, thank you! I'm glad you enjoy my work :)

Love it! Thanks so much for sharing your creativity :)

You're most welcome, thank you for the tip!

Printed this out at 250%, and it looks great! I added pics, and notes about it, in the Made section.

i really love your designs, i cant wait to see new things on your collection :)

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LED insert for the roof cap:

LED insert for Kijai's Forbidden Watchtower

Excellent design! I took apart a LED tealight and moved the switch with a couple of short wires. Once I trimmed away the excess plastic, the battery compartment (2032 battery) of the tealight fits perfectly down inside the tower just enough to use the non-flat roof cap. One of my favorite prints so far. Thanks for sharing this one!

How much upscale to fit a tea light in it?

It's not designed to fit one fully inside, more for just a battery and your own wiring to bring the LED up. But if you mean like I did it on the pictures, with the tealight base showing, that's just default size. Slight upscale (10-20% or so) could make it fit bit better though, haven't tried that myself yet.

Fantastic design,thanks for sharing your creation.

Thank you! And you're welcome :)