by 300zxcolin Oct 8, 2017
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Love the design! How did you achieve the paint effect on the 'metal' part of the upper handle?

It was sprayed with gunmetal colour and left to dry. Then a loosely balled sheet of clingfilm (or saran wrap if your from the other side of the pond) was lightly dipped onto some silver paint spread out on a board. Then you lightly dab the film onto the surface. I think its called marbling and there are a few videos on youtube explaining the principle.
If you mess up just clean it off and try again.
Good luck!

Did you design this, or download it somewhere?

Bungie designed it. I just turned it into something you can actually print.

Like the destiny STL generator? Cause you did some great work!

The file generator is a great resource and it was used for the top section and to get scale. Those files are not printable and require a lot of work to make them so. I only use them on sections that are over my skill limits.
I understand there are some cloud based repair packages that can make these files printable but I've never needed to use them yet.

Well thats great! I make props and stuff from various video games, so would a partnership be possible?

If your rich and have nice boobs I'll marry you tomorrow :-)
(to any female fans, the voices made me do this..........)

Jesus Christ no. I was meaning business partnership.

Lol. I was just kidding. What did you have in mind? I'm based in the UK.
If your etsy store has an email address I'll PM you

I was thinking along the lines of using your 3d models to make resin “prop” worthy items. Then whenever they’re sold a commission goes back to you. It would be little to no extra work on your end, but you can get a little bonus for your models!

That would be pretty sick. I make some prop guns as well. If anyone has a formlabs printer you could cast the parts with real metal

Hi Guys
You would need to cast in aluminium or some other lightweight alloy. This is a really big gun and if you cast just the top part in something like brass it would weigh so much you'd barely lift it.
Nice idea though ;-)

Pewter or zinc would look nice cause you can buff it or an alloy. Or maybe u could use brass but just coat it in brass. I wish I could print this but my printer isn't nice enough.

Where are you based?
I was thinking of selling this one as I'm running out of space to display these things.

That's a long way from the uk.
Not sure how it would get through customs but there's no metal in it.......yet.

Idk we shall see. What printer did you use? This would look sick on a resin printer

I have a Creality CR10 and two CTC Replicator knockoffs heavily modified to actually work.
I dream of expensive printers..............

Wow your prints still look pretty nice. I wish I had a if printer to print with so I could make massive peices instead of slicing stuff

I do a LOT of filling, sanding and priming before I paint them. There ain't any shortcuts to getting a good finish just lots of hard work.
I do up cars so I have lots of experience with painting and finishing.

Yeah I do the same cause I have to make the thickness a little more so I have room for filing and sanding.