anycubic i3 mega Vibration Dampers V1

by Rimbalin Oct 8, 2017
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Couldn't ABS work? It is more of a flexible filament

PETG is quite good for these feet dampers, I made a set for my ender and I could feel how printer vibrates but dampers not. PETG was enough flexible as if you push with your hand a bit stronger they get broken.

Printed them with actually no filling at all, and they are extremely flexible, but definetely not stable enough. Either you have to make them a bit bigger and use no filling, or you should use some nylon filament or something like that. But still, pretty cool idea.

Really not my idea, i just made them i3 mega ready...
The V2 version is much better IMHO ;)

lol, the broke after 5 days of usage :D
Anyone tried nylon/PC?

What are you printing elephants? ;)
Mine are still OK after 3 months of intensive printing...

Try PETG if you have some. Maybe it's weight/size difference between machines but they work well for my CR-10 in PLA. Are they the best solution...nope, but they're printable and worth trying imo. Hopefully PETG gives you a bit more flex. Maybe try a different PLA if you have some. My dampers physically load/compress when installed so maybe it's the type of PLA you're using that is stiffer for some reason.

Thanks for your reply, at the time i only have PLA.
Hope i get a roll of ABS tomorrow and will do a test print with it, the i3 mega is a little heavier than the cr-10, don´t know if thats the problem.
It seems to me that the "feet" are a little to wide, but it seems to work for you, so i really don´t know.
But i will try PETG or something else in the near future... THX

  • At the time i am using only the upper part as damper.