Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

MJW Raspberry Pi Zero W Case

by wassupdoc Oct 8, 2017
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hmmm. Sounds like it might just be me... The dimensions of the case were accurate to my Pi W. i.e. the 4 alignment pins were aligned in the right spots. But their diameter came out around 3.0mm, but the Pi W I have has pin holes closer to 2.5mm. So needless to say, I spend 30 minutes attempting to adapt the pins and ended up snapping off 2 of them. It was just a mess. I ended up just snapping off all the pins and hot gluing the top on. Good design, just not sure why my printer made the pins to big.

Excellent case, and no fault of yours but those cut outs on the top are a real test for any printers first layer settings.

Excellent case, thank you!! Any chance you will add one with the cutouts for gpio? Thanks again!!

I printed this, and it's too thin to fit a Pi zero w and close the lid.

I suggest checking the calibration of your Z-steps :) That looks compressed in the Z-axis. Printed a few myself and there's a few makes on here to show it fits perfectly :)

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I like your design and project but it just baffles me why you post the stl's on their side. That will never print well for anyone.

That's just the way my CAD package exports them for some reason. Plus if people don't know to rotate things to best suit their printer, they probably shouldn't be printing!

Wouldn't it be better to post a ready to print version?

Wouldnt it be better to just rotate it in your slicer than to come on here and complain? Or better yet, design your own if you have a problem with the one that someone else put their time and effort in to and then provided to all of us. For free.

It was constructive. He didn't take offense so why do you? I've got better things to do...

<3 It's just simply a matter of CAD package - it's very simple indeed to orientate the files for your specific printer

No worries. I understand. Great design - made a few. Not a huge deal to rotate it. A lot of folks post models not ready to print. Think I was just venting - you were not my target. Appreciate the time you spent to design. I design stuff too so I know what it takes. Cheers.

Hi wassupdoc!
I wanted to ask you if you could make a version of your case for raspberry pi zero w with the nes shaped buttons of the nes controller (without MJW inscription, but with NES inscription - or something like that). I don't know if I have expressed myself well, but I hope so! I love this case and I would like to have a little more related version for retro emulation. Tell me if it is a possible idea!
Thank you very much. Giorgio

Do you mean to house real buttons? Or as an aesthetic addition? ie: a case that looks like the NES controller? Apologies for the (very) late reply, I wasn't notified of this comment!!