Arduino nano case

by shroamer Oct 9, 2017
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I didn't get a working reset button and text on my Wanhou duplicator I3 plus (using your settings), so I added 1mm gaps there using tinkercad. Also the LEDs are on a different location on my chinese clone (that fitted nicely) so made a larger hole so I can see them. And I added a extension on the IPSC side with 2 3mm holes so I could mount it in my design

Nice case design. I'd like to remix with some additional mounting features. Any chance to have a STEP file added to the Thing Files. And your nano model looks very complete. Can you post that as well?

well this is very nice in 3D! but very hard to print due to a very low tolerance design. Could you increase the gap for the reset button and perhaps remove the text? or provide us with an editable file in order to remix it? thanks anyway :)

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I had good results on pretty simple delta.
You can try GrabCAD mirror link to get more files if you need.
But please, do a feedback if you'll get any result. Because i really don't feel feedback from thingiverse community. People only downloads and asks. No one can find a minute to make a photo for a feedback. Just requests. That's sad.

sorry if you feel bad about my comment, I actually really like your design, maybe you could post a photo of your result yourself? I did try to print it but without success so there's no pont for me to put a picture, but as you requested here is one of my better try :)
I've checked your grabCAD files you did a great job :)

Thank you.
I will be happy to take a look on your successful remix. That should be useful for me in future.

you can check it right now if you like, but I'd like to see a pic of yours ;)

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Thank you for your work. Can you have a lower end of this model?

What do you mean - to have a lower end?

Very nice case! Is also the reset button somewhere ? I don't see it on any of the STL files.
Thanks Shroamer!

No, reset button is a part of the main body. It is suspended on a "hang-leg" and can be pressed inside the body to push button inside.

Ah now I get it! Thanks for your answer. Will print one this weekend :)

Please, make a post "I made one" with few photos if you'll have a time to. :)

Can you provide model without led holes (my chinese arduino has them in other place)
It would be nice to have model without "Reset" and "USB" symbols (due to bad quality of first layer)

I obtained such kind of chinese version an maybe will make new enclosure version for it one day.