Elastic Top Gun!

by WildRoseBuilds Oct 11, 2017
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Keep breaking the side out of the trigger. Any advice on how to print it stronger?

The orientation in the video is optimal!

Thanks for the reply. I will try again.

Works great...LOVE IT. I've spent more time playing with this than any other print I've done...lol. Came out great. Printed at .2 in PETG. I did cheat a bit and glued the two halves of the top along with using the screw (insurance).

awesome! i'm glad you like it, i'd love to see how it turned out!

I have video that I posted to my Facebook page and to the Wanhao I3 group, however it won't let me post video here under "I made one". Will try to get a picture tomorrow.

Super design, works better than I expected! BUT, consider making the trigger a millimeter or so shorter top to bottom. It's so tight it could not slide, and certainly not spring back on it's own. I had to carefully shave off a lot of plastic (from the handle) to get the trigger to slide back and forth.

You can non uniform scale the trigger on the axis where you need more tolerance.

Awesome Design!!! Letters on logo not slicing correctly on Simplify3D for me, fine on Slic3r Though...

Thanks you! what size nozzle / extrusion width are you using?

Im using a 0.4 nozzle size.

And now that you mention it.... I'm using the auto function on S3D for extrusion width, so 120% of nozzle size which is 0.48.

Using an extrusion width of .4 solved the problem!

Thanks! :p

Awesome! I'm working on a revision so I will increase the font size. Thanks a bunch for the pics too, very easy to troubleshoot that way!

No problem!!

Keep up the good work =)

That is a cool, simple design. Very nice. One thought, if you made the handle go upward instead of downward, you could probably release it right on the table and eliminate some of the 'hop'. Just a thought. Again,very nice.

I did think about that! but i really liked the idea of it being a "gun" shape, maybe i will iterate and put something like that up as well! thanks for the feedback!