Simple X Y Laser Plotter

by TobyRobb Oct 11, 2017
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hey :)
nice work !!

can you give me the rod diameter of your design?

i suppose they are 8mm :)

your design is so realy simple i print one asap, thanks

Yes 8mm.

I think if you search "8mm smooth rod" on Banggood you will find lots of cheap kits that include sliders.

Glad you like the design.

Hello first

Super Design I wanted to ask you if you can write a detailed manual and possibly the links to the articles e.g. the one knows which pullis with 20 teeth or with 16 and what rimen and much more eg whether man screws and nuts custom since I The design just find hammer and what power supply you used would be super nice of you if you can take the trouble thanks in advance

Hi most of the explanation is in the videos. Any belt and cog combination will work. It really is a super simple design. It just uses a ramps controller and a 12 volt power supply. No there are no custom bolts.

hello and thanks for the quick response I still wanted to know what laser you use I do not know me at all so I need a laser with which I can cut up to a maximum of 5 mm plexiglas and 5 mm wood and engrave what they use there

if it is possible you can make a few more pictures in detail of the konstruckt and also what power supply and how they have attached are really great videos Unfortunately, my English is not so hgut I'm from Germany so I ask if they are still there few more info can give

Diode lasers are probably not powerful enough for 5mm cutting. This laser is not enclosed and does not have ventilation. If you are unsure about power supplies and wiring this project may not be suitable for your needs.

Really nice work :-)
In the video you mention the link to github, where is it? In the download files?
I have a 5.5 W Lazer laying around and might give it a try. If it is not already on github, could you please also provide the BoM/parts list like bearings etc.
Thanks in advance

Hi TuxMan,

I have appended the description above to include the link to my Marlin Configuration.h on Github.

There are only 3 GT belt cogs, i grabbed some models from Thingiverse, printed and drilled them out to fit bearings I had. I just used a bolt through the centre to hold them.

TBH i would pick an online supplier like Banggood etc. and pick up some GT belt and maybe a few cogs with prefitted bearings, they are only a couple of dollars, they have the smooth rod kits as well.

Hi TobyRobb, thanks for your quick response!

It is already on my "Todo-List", but as you probably know yourself, those lists are very long ;-)
I will let you know when I'm working on it (and maybe have some additional questions).

Thanks again :-)

Maybe you should add an other picture as the first one which shows the finished plotter to be the eyecatcher. With just this blue plate probably nobody looks further on it.

Yep, posted this whilst on mobile, which does not have the ability to rearrange photos :( Will fix it when im next on a PC :)