Giant sized Lego Go-Kart kit (1972)

by mantisrobot Oct 17, 2017
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Thank you for this project. I made a 3x impression for my little son. Very nice result and he was very happy.

Is anyone else seeing non-manifold edges on some of the models ? I am seeing mesh errors on all the blue pieces

No. Not had anyone having issues. What slicer are you using?

Simplify3d.. I have attached a screenshot. The problem is it is not letting the supports generate uniformly underneath..

Hi, Yes I do see that issue when loading parts, however, it doesn't stop the parts from slicing or printing.

Hello. I enjoyed ñrinting this kart and almost everthing fitted pretty well as is. The only tricky rhing were the axes. Printed as is they were loose in the wheels and other parts so I had to glue them. How did you solve that? Thanks and great work!

Hi. So I used to have a tighter fit on all bushes, cogs and wheels etc. However, sometimes due to print variances the fit was too tight which was a real pain, so now I have a loose fit on all parts and I use a soldering iron to score the inside edge of the parts so I can make the fit just right. Start with one or two scores and increase the tighter the fit you want, this way you don't need glue. It's in one of my later videos... I think?

I found this today when searching for something to print. I own this model from when is was a child. I started printing a part today and it has what appears to be layer shift. My printer doesn't have layer shift on anything else I print. I scaled it to 400%.

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Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Well these were all ABS but from 3Dfilaprint l, however, they are no longer available! I have found grey PLA from polymaker and red premium PLA from filaprint to be good substitutes but as yet have not found a replacement blue.

I don't know if it available everywhere, but I had some blue PLA from technology outlet which looks pretty close if not spot on. got it from amazon uk.

hey. was it the blue or dark blue that you used? hard to tell from the pics.

can i ask what colours you used the match is perfect im ready to print just need colour advice please :) amazing build!!

Thank you very very much for made this!! :))
It has been a great project to work on. I printed mine all in PLA, and some pieces maybe have a little gap, but the results are awesome!! :)
Where do you found the bearings for the wheels?? I have some dificulties to find the exact fit 30.4x23.73 (30x24) .. :S

Well on the normal model I didn't use bearings, I added them for the R/C version. What scale did you print at? 5 X ?

On my R/C model I used these:


Thank you for your fast response!
I printed the model at X5 scale.
These bearings seems to fit on my build, thank you!!! :D

I'm only just getting to the stage of being able to put my own 3D printer together (based on one of the builds on Thingieverse)... and now I'm realising it's too small to make this and I'm having build size envy. Brilliant job, I was grinning and laughing with glee watching the video.

Oh thanks Man! I’m glad you enjoyed it. Good luck with your build! Maybe try a 3x scale version.. they are still pretty cool!!

Awesome work!
Can you tell me what the biggest part in the set is? Would like to be able to evaluate how much I can scale this on my printer :)

Hi. If you check out the second build video, I think I talk about the largest part to fit on the print bed..

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I'm attempting this beast! Have 6 out of 8 NinjaTires done, rims done... tiny bit of blue... I cannot wait for our students to see it!! Amazing job!

Great! pls share images when you're done! :)

Awesome idea and design! Thanks for sharing! I'm currently printing it at 300%... see how that turns out. I also might make it RC, not sure yet. Anyways, thanks again, I also left you a small tip! Cheers!

Thank you.. and your welcome.. and thanks again for the tip!! Appreciated and rest assured it will go towards more filament

Best thing I've seen all week. Totally epic! Can't stop smiling!

Oh thanks! Now I’m smiling :)

This is just awesome! Such a great idea. One question, would such a build be strong enough for a small child to sit in or is it just for displaying?

Well, my 7 yr old nephew did sit on it but it wasn't really built for that and did start to collapse! Maybe if it was glued...

THANKS for the great work on all those 3D printer friendly LEGO Parts -- I've been printing LEGO non stop since i got my Prusa MK3 (i print at x350 instead of x500 like you did due to smaller print area of my printer) and your library is my go to library -- they are beautiful!! i sent you a tip for a coffee for you to enjoy as much as I'm enjoying your files!
Cheers :D

Hi, thanks for the comments! Appreciate the feedback and the coffee ☕️:) I’ve had a few tips for these files and I’m always amazed people bother.. so thank you!

Print looks great too! Look forward to seeing your builds!

What brand Grey PLA are you using? It's just the perfect Lego Grey color is why I ask. Awesome build!

Hats off to you sir, this is truly awesome !!!


Hi, I don't see a problem in my slicer software, and others have printed these successfully?

Had no problems whatsoever printing these (or any other) parts. I used Simplify3D.

i am new to 3d printing, but this is such a cool project. so i got a TAZ6 but when i print the plates the result is what u see in the pic. i am using PLA 1.75mm and the default nozzle that came with the TAZ 6. i tried X5 and then X3 the results are the same. any help. Thanks

Hi. What material are you printing in? What temperature is your print bed, what temperature is the hot end? What speed? Are you using Cura?

Material PLA. Print bed temp 85. hot end temp 230. speed default speed of taz6 i think its 50. Yes using CURA. Thanks Matt.

Well PLA varies but I’ve never gone above 220hot end, 60bed. Try using Cura and one of their PLA profiles, also add a brim of at least 5 perimeters to help adhesion. I presume the print moved on the bed?

YES THE PRINT MOVED ON THE BED.....:).. i will try your suggestions today and post....thanks again matt...

Not sure why your shouting :O... anyway if the part is not sticking well you may need to adjust your Z offset, I have had to do this on both my Taz6 printers as I found the nozzle was too far away from the bed after auto calibration. on the LCD screen.. Configuration -> Advanced Settings -> Z Offset

hi matt,

:) i didnt realize caps was on...my bad... but anyways so dumb me i did not even realize i had ABS and not PLA. so i downloaded CURA profile for ABS and added a brim of 5mm. also my nozzle was so messed up with all the melted plastic i removed it and cleaned it. i am shooting for another print now. will let u know in a few. but u r vey kind to help out. thanks bud.

hi matt pretty good now. see the pics. 2 small issues i have run into are, the adhesion is super good now when i pry the model out 2 of the parts in the back broke off. see the pics please. can i reduce the brim to a 1 or 2. and whats the best way to clean the brim of the model. thanks a lot for all your help. best regards,

Hi. So your printing in ABS? If so you might have any to raise your hot end temperature as it may be a layer binding issue! Also I use Sinplify3D to slice my models, it only puts the brim on the outer edges of the model, so I can see why it might be an issue here... try reducing the brim, I snap most of mine off then clean up with the edge of a steel Rilee or carefully with a knife.. wear gloves!!

thanks matt simplify 3d is awesome. i am getting somewhere. thanks again for all the help.

Wow! Impressive! I really love to make one!
I've got some experience with ninja-flex but its a bad one. Could you tell me the config that you used? And witch program you used for the slicing?

Anyone else having issues with scale? Some of them are so tiny even at 10,000% they are still super small.

Hi, I found three parts that had been exported incorrectly, tow red parts and a grey part. I have updated the files RED_STL_PARTS.zip and GREY_STL_Other_Parts.zip


Let’s me know which part and I’ll check it. Parts should be exported in mm.

Fast response! Thanks! Just went through the new files. These ones have scaling issues.

Gray Parts:
4261 - Steering ARm
3959 P1
3959 P2
3937 Hinge Brick
3938 Axle
3938 Body
3938 PIP
3974 Pin
3974 Axle
4265a Type 1
3713 Technic Bush

Blue Parts:
3700 Bearing Mod is Huge but all other blue are good

Black Parts:
All files are scaled incorrectly


OK, I checked the parts you listed, and rather than using my local files I downloaded these ones from Thingiverse.

I can't find problems with these files other than one of the Hinge Brick parts in 3937 was over sized. The Blue part 3700 Isn't needed so has been removed.

When I import them into S3D it asks if I want to convert them to mm. If I say yes, it scales it to about 2,500%, if I say no, they are 100% but crazy tiny.

In S3D I sometimes get that message on small parts, but just say no and it should come in at 1:1 scale, some parts are quite small but checked them all this morning..

They all seem to be working quite well. I've printed all the red and blue parts so far. Starting the black this weekend. Thanks for making this!

Ok thanks. I'll give it a shot tonight.

For real, incredible work!!!! Well done

amazing, but where did you find the rubber hoze ?

It was actually some solid Neoprene/Foam pipe that I had in our workshop.. not sure where ti came from. I did previously find some rubber hose on Ebay I think, that had approx 13mm ID, 20mm OD, but it was kind of stiff and slightly undersized.

Amazing!! =) Just love it!
Will you do the 8860 next? :P

WOW this is great.
I am inspired! I plan on doing a new Technic set myself. I think I will settle for X3 though...

That is bloody fantastic
Love it. Nice work indeed.

Whow... Have the original somewhere at home - that's great!!!
Thanks for sharing!

Thank you Matthew. I Loved watching this get made and built with Ruben. Epic Job!