Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Rotating Table with 24BYJ-48 Stepper and 608 Bearings

by 3DPrinTek Oct 11, 2017
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As for the electronics using an arduino uno seemed a bit wasteful since the motor only needs 4 outputs. i harvested the ULN2003 chip, capacitor, and 5 pin JST connector from the driver board and substituted the uno for an attiny85. this is where im at so far https://youtu.be/u_SHAWQKcmA

Hi Sam,

Great idea. I´ve used the arduino mainly because it was easier and allows for programmable movement. I´m waiting for small geared motors which will just run on a battery or powerbank.

Thanks for sharing with us.

Did you go the gear or friction way ?

Cheers, Richard

I went with the friction method, printed the tyre in TPU. I saw another turntable on thingiverse that just uses a small geared motor but in their own video it was very very loud, hopefully the motor you found will be quieter. I just finished the project today, I'll upload some pictures as a make here.

nice build - i wish i had the skills for soldering that precise and creating my own boards.

You can always go the geared route too since you just print them glue the one in place and replace the the wheel on the motor - you can´t go back to friction then but my setup is pretty noiseless - the motor has just some speeds where you can hear it - but those can be avoided.

Great build - thanks for showing it of.

Its probably pretty quiet as well but im really liking the friction method, the motor stalls before the tire would slip anyways. When i said geared motor in my previous comment i was referring to the small geared motors that you said could run just off of a battery pack.

Can't wait to start printing this. I just happen to have an arduino starter kit and some 608 bearings so this is perfect for me.