Anet A8 - Brush Holder to clean nozzle

by Amtrix Oct 12, 2017
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I printed and used this, but it have a big problem, after 30/45 days the nozzle it's consumed....

I just printed out the other brush holder and realized it doesn't work with the stock screws. Thanks for remixing this!

can u share the g-code to use this before prints?


G28 ; home all axes
;G29 ; Auto bed level----------remove first semicolon to enable auto bed leveling
G0 Z10; Start brush nozzle
G0 X-16 Y30 Z10 F7500;
G0 Z0;---------------Set the height of your nozzle
;this will be different depending on how high your bed is set.
G0 Y80 F7500;
G0 X-13;
G0 Y30 F7500;
G0 X-10;
G0 Y80 F7500;
G0 X-16 Y30 F7500;
G0 X-9 Y45.5 F7500;
G0 X-16 Y51 F7500;
G0 X-9 Y56.5 F7500;
G0 X-16 Y62 F7500;
G0 X-9 Y67.5 F7500;
G0 X-16 Y73 F7500;
G0 X-9 Y73 F7500;
G0 X-16 Y67.5 F7500;
G0 X-9 Y62 F7500;
G0 X-16 Y56.5 F7500;
G0 X-9 Y51 F7500;
G0 X-16 Y45.5 F7500;
G0 X-9 Y30 F7500;
G0 Z10; End brush nozzle
G0 X110 Y110 F7500; return to center