Blade Runner Mk 44 Hand Cannon

by 300zxcolin Oct 14, 2017
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Is there any reason for the hole in the trigger?

Speaking about those amber grips...did you cast them on resin? or what else?
Cool design and build sir!!

The grips were printed, the parts smoothed and painted then used to make silicone casts. Then standard resin cast in clear polyuerethane with a little amber dye added.

I Kew it, it happens that i went to a resin and silicone props store in my hometown and they told me that the only resin that they got on clear finish was polyester resin, which happens to be so easily crushed are talking about the same type of resin or they sold me what they wanted?? :)

Should be ok. You can buy the dye from ebay or any craft supplier. I've even used Tamiya acrylic paint as a dye but it's not quite so transparent. Just use a couple of drops

Thank you Colin,will see how this turns out hehe :)

I was so angry to find out that after all that printing this is just some made up version of the real deal. It isn't even close to the actual prop. Throwing that piece of garbage out my car window the next trip out.

Ok I'll bite.
If you read the text that goes with the model it clearly states that this is a mashup between the original Blaster and a Destiny Mk44 Hand Cannon.
Most of the stuff on Thingiverse is made up stuff, it is modelled for fun and shared for free. If you want accurate models of movie props I suggest researching carefully what you are trying to make and look for appropriate models.
I'll help you out here as Andrew Forster has a fairly accurate model of the original Blaster on MyMiniFactory.

On a side note, I wouldn't throw a gun out of your car window. People are funny about that kind of thing.

This is SO COOL. Next on my print projects!

im pretty sure your little quarter diamond tabs on the rear body left and right pieces dont make a diamond to fit into the trigger guard

Nice design, those amber grips are beautiful.