Vice mechanical v2.0

by 3D-MPL Oct 14, 2017
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First off, excellent design as everything looks great and with a bit of elbow grease fits fairly well. Your instructions were great so no issues there. I also appreciate you taking the time to design, document and share your awesome work. What drew me near were the aesthetics, it looks great and i could certainly find use cases for it on my workbench. After assembly it became extremely clear to me that this build is not practically useable, and by looking at the comments it is clear that others share the same feeling. What I don't see is anyone making suggestions on how to improve this already awesome project (apologies if someone did and I missed it). The Worm-001 could benefit from a bearing as it will certainly make life easier when cranking that wheel. The thread on the Screws (001, 002) could be more coarse and pitched wider as it will make the tool more efficient in the amount of time it takes to open/close. And lastly, I am definitely not sure about this but thought i'd mention it, like the bearing on Worm-001, if possible something to that effect could be incorporated into the Worm_wheels which should make it easier for the Screws to pass in/out of that assembly. I hope you find my suggestions useful, if not then no hard feelings. Once again thank you kindly for putting in the time and sharing your wonderful work with the community. I certainly appreciate it :)

Thanks for the advice. Successful 3D printing to You

Hi this is an interesting thing to print as a demo to show people the potential of 3d printers but I have to agree with some of the comments below it does not produce a usable object. The gearing of the worm and screw are all wrong and make this practically useless also I had to adjust some of the scale on some parts as I printed this at 0.1mm layer height with a 0.4mm nozzle (which took DAYS) as I have my machine setup to do some fine'ish printing. The original size for the worm caused the gears to lock solid and wouldn't turn printing it at 98% allows it to turn but the gearing is unusable. As an object however I do like this to show people when they see it they're like omg you can actually make REAL things with a 3d printer so cudos to swlesson for that. A bit of re-gearing and this could be a useful object.

Ultimaker 2+
0.4mm nozzle
0.1mm layer height
default fine settings for speed etc
Various infill settings however the screws were all printer with no support and came out amazingly sharp.

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Comments deleted.

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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I give this design a 3 out of 5 Stars due to some issues with the gearing.

I printed this over the weekend. And I like the design. However, there are some significant issues with this design that make it very inconvenient to use.

1) The gearing ratio was designed WAY too low. What I mean by this, is that for every turn of the knob the jaw expands or retracts by 0.5mm when printed at 100%. This is WAY too low of a gear ratio to be practical. This means that for a 100mm PCB one may need to turn the knob up to 200 times to fit the board. Who wants to turn the gear for 5 minutes to close the jaws on a PCB? That is ridiculous. I would suggest a gear ratio that would move the jaw by closer to 5mm (or a minimum 2.5mm) per turn of the knob. Anything less than this would be impractical, and a waste time that would be better suited by purchasing an actual PCB vice for $15usd.

2) The dovetails for the jaw plates do not have significant enough clearance. I had to sand/file for quite a while to get these parts to fit. And while this would vary from machine to machine, I would suggest a clearance of about 0.25mm on either side of the dovetail to improve on this design.

3) The body has approximately 5mm on either end more than it needs. I would suggest shortening the design by 5mm (total of 10mm in length) on both ends and beveling all of the corners.

4) While it doesn't take too much time to determine which screw and gear go together, or which side they belong on, having these parts labeled in some way would be nice.

Overall, the design is nice. But it is nearly unusable from a practical standpoint where the above issues are concerned. Items 1 & 2 should be address in your next version so that this design becomes exactly what you intend for it to be. A good, usable, and larger vice.

Printing details

Machine: Da Vinci 1.0 Pro
Material: PLA
Layer Thickness: 0.3mm
Temp: 190C
Heated Bed: 50C
Printing Speed 30mm/s
Infill: 30% Crosshatched
Layers: 4 Top/Bottom & 3 Sides

Hi jdgabbard, I totally agree with you. Very nice design but unusable.
Using mine as a paperweight.

Hello everyone my name is Ryan I do 3D printing reviews on YouTube if you would like to see the 3D printing review of this Vice 2.0 check this link out if you are consider printing this but just know I have a flashforge finder


This is fantastic!!! Haven't even printed yet, but tipped just because the idea is incredibly useful to me. Please make more of these useful woodworking tools!

I need one of these and it always seems to end up on the bottom of the shopping list. I don't care if it takes me 5 minutes to tighten, it usually takes me 5-10 minutes to rig something out of clamps anyways.

Again, good with the design, but if it does take quite a while to tighten (as per @Smithy2) you can add a hex bolt to the center of the screw for attaching a basic electric drill. You would most likely need to run the drill at low speed w/ very low torque to not snap the hex bolt off. Just a thought, no idea if it would work.

Thanks again!

Update - three seconds after posting this I saw the remix by @cope413 for a hex adapter for a drill chuck! Sweet!

Hello. Thank you for your feedback and donate.

Hi, what are the size of the screws you used ? thks a lot for this model

Напечатал сегодня такой. Не понравилось 2 вещи:

  1. Сжимание/разжимание тисков происходит очень медленно передаточное число червяка очень маленькое...
  2. Ручка, за которую крутить постоянно откручивается (а крутить приходится очень много), нужно было предусмотреть ось не в виде самореза а виде пластиковой втулки..
Comments deleted.

I made one.
Overall this was a cool design and took about 24 hours to print everything out. I printed the threads, handle, jaw faces and gears in Glow in dark PLA. I printed the main body in Gold PLA.. Looks cool when the lights are off.
Couple thoughts.

  1. Put the text on the end of the threads for L and R. Similar to how the text is in the handle. Same with the gears, just embed L and R into the face.
  2. The sliders were a little tight, I had to sand them down a tad to make them slide easily.
  3. The gear ratio could use some tweaking. It takes about a dozen full turns on the handle to make it move just 3mm.

Beyond that, very cool design was fun to print and it looks awesome. Good conversation piece.

Nice design, Only wish I spoke the language you narrate the video in. Was able to follow it, but really wish I understood everything you were saying.

Было бы неплохо предусмотреть какую то нишу снизу, для утяжеления модели.
Кому-то может пригодиться.
А в целом конечно - полезная вещь

Крутяяяяк! Респект тебе! Очень круто придумано! Отправляю на печать!

Благодарю. Если не сложно, добавьте потом на этот сайт фото готового изделия. Заранее благодарю

Хороший инструмент.
Жаль из пластмассы.

Благодарю. Но для домашних нужд пойдет (склеить что нибудь, зажать плату для припоя...). Арматуру зажимать и резать болгаркой я конечно не буду....

Thank you. But for household needs will go (glue something, hold the board for soldering ...). Armature clamped and cut, I will not ....