CR-10 Center GoPro Mount

by Fuganater Oct 14, 2017
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Is it possible to get the Fusion 360 file for the V7 mount. I'm attaching a different camera to the mount, so I want the camera centered, I'm also adding about 25mm to the length to get the arms since the camera I have isn't very wide angle. It's difficult to adjust the mount to be centered with the F3D file supplied. Thanks for the mount you've made!

Will this also fit the Creality Ender 3?

Probably not since this was designed for the CR-10 which has a 300x300 mm bead.

Hey all,

Quick question when i downloaded this, i opened V7 and it looks centred and then V10 looks non-centred? which one is the centred version?

Only because he said he updated it to be centred (which implies the latest version) but V10 looks non-centred?


One is centered for any camera. V10 puts the GoPro lens in the center of the bed. Since the lens is on the left side of the camera body I had to off set the mount.

Anyone tested this on a CR-10 mini? The bed width of the normal CR-10 as well as the mini are the same but don't know if the hole spacing match. Measured the bed on the mini and the spacing between the holes (from center to center) is approximately 20.7cm.

Anyone can confirm this matches the normal CR-10?

UPDATE: printed this and it's doesn't fit the CR-10 Mini bed.

Thanks for checking. Saved me some effort and frustration.

Would you mind sending me the CAD-File?
I would like to add a Raspberry Pi Zero housing to the back.

The Fusion360 file is located in the download.

You should note which CR-10 this is for. Doesnt look wide enough for the 500mm version.

I believe CR-10 is CR-10 and not CR-10-S5. I could be wrong though, good thing its now explained so even the thick people gets it.

Also, this should fit on CR-10S as they have the same bed size.

Well it is pretty obvious but ok...

I'm using Cura to print this, and have set the print settings as stated, but it appears the walls are a bit thin?
I think they are set at 0.8mm, which haven't changed...I just opened the STL file and changed the resolution to 0.2mm and the infill to 15%.

Is anyone able to provide the full settings for this?


I changed the wall setting to 1mm, and, so far so good!

May I ask for CR10-Mini version?

I do not know the hole spacing on the CR-10 Mini. Feel free to remix it.

is this file editable? sorry I just new in 3d print.

Hello! Thank you for making this awesome camera mount... one thing I just noticed as I rotated it on the bed is that the two arms are not precisely the same length... probably won't make a huge difference but would angle the camera only slightly.

But thanks again, will likely be printing this soon!


I'm not sure but it must be your setting. I just printed it again for another printer and both of the "feet" touch the bed at the same time.

Hi can you please send me a picture on how you screw them into the adjusting nuts?

The bolts go through them. Keep the springs on and just pass the bolt through these. The mount on these go around the metal bed plate.

can you please upload the picture of how you adjust mount with bed?

What do you mean adjust mount with bed? I described it in the previous comment.

do I need to worry about it hitting the y-axis?

Not really. You can add a small 50mm GoPro extension arm, angle it back then angle the camera down.