Modular hollow universal joint for cable management

by sirmakesalot Jun 28, 2012
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I like your design. I have a design modification idea.. to change the ends in way to make gluing unnecessary.. and also speeds up assembly with these orientation mounts. my idea would still allow the printing of parts without supports as well.

Hi, Great design !
Following some older comments, have you found a way not to use glue ?
My printer has support, so if you could add a file with the 2 parts together, that could do the trick, while designing a new juction piece.

thanks !

If the "connector nubs" on these were conical, it could eliminate the steeply over-hanging part at the base of the nub. Count myself as interested in a snap-together version, if only just to see how it can be done.

Maybe it's just me, but it also seems like these could be done without the ring. I'm still sketching on an envelope, but I think it could work.

Just finished a first print of these in ABS. The male "nubs" are pretty bad on their bottom half. Its bad enough that they don't seat well into the holes and the part is flared out. It flares out enough that neighbouring bodies interfere with one-another. I think I'll cook up a derivative with conical nubs tonight. Maybe that exercise will help me answer whether the ring can be foregone as well.

It would be very cool if the two pieces could lock together in a durable way instead of requiring gluing. It also seems like a better solution than printing such a part in one go, since assembly is required anyway.

I am working on that very idea. update soon!

Very nice! Why two pieces with glue instead of a single piece though?

I made it so they could interact with other pieces from my accessories kit. They could be printed as one piece on a machine with support but I like the support-less challenge.

Your instructions say that this can be made to work like a normal cable chain - before I print, how do I make this happen?

If you print the ring extension from my accessories pack and glue the links inline it is possible to make the chain bend in one direction.

I thought that's what you were doing - just figured I'd ask just in case I was missing something.

This is a nice design. Robust. I was able to get 8 1/4" audio cables into this one, and perhaps 2 more would go, but it requires feeding them in one at a time. I got 6 XLRs before it became too unweildly.

Some ideas for a derivative: It might be nice to find a way to allow more room inside for additional cables. I'd like to get a dozen in it. If there is a way to narrow the Inner diameter to outer diameter ratio, it would help make efficient use of the space too. If there were an oval version, it m
ight make it easier to walk over.

Application idea: the distance between the outer diameter and inner diameter is large enough to allow audio cables to float over power cables in a messy audio studio, and might keep them away from induced current changes which could affect audio signaling.Hmm...

Oval hollow universal joint for cable management

Nice! Thanks for the great comments! I am going to add an oval inspired design just because you asked! I'll have it up before you can trip over a patch cord! :-D

This is very impressive, I have been interested in some of the other modular chain options, however, your design is elegant, and looks easier to print an assemble to boot.

this is definitely on my Print List once I have my Prusa Mendel up and running.

Modular hollow universal joint for cable management accessories pack

Thanks very much! I had a lot of fun designing it. Check back tomorrow evening, I have some ends to upload that will allow you to attach it to stuff. I hope to see some copies soon. It takes a little while to get a useable amount but with my accessories pack you can cut the time down. :-D