Cute Ghost

by robbynowell Oct 17, 2017
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This is awesome model and prints 99% perfect (with my stock Ender 3) with no support or infill. I used extra adhesion just to be sure, but would probably print well even without =)

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Looks great! May I ask what pla that is you are using?

This is "LD" branded, glow in the dark ABS. Fairly generic stuff, actually. I have used Hatchbox GITD PLA in the past and it was fine as well, but slightly more glossy.

Thanks, I tried the hatchbox but it prints as a kind of translucent green colour rather than white

Ah, I understand what you mean. I've only printed with 3 GITD filaments. Makerbot, Hatchbox, and LD. It's been a while since I printed with the Makerbot filament, but it was similar to the LD in opacity, but ever so slightly more green tint. LD is a little bit off white in the green spectrum. I would rank them Hatchbox<Makerbot<LD<white. They are all translucent, but Hatchbox is the most translucent I think. The only thing about the LD filament is that it has a very palpable texture to it, which some people may not like. It kind of feels like fine sandpaper. Makerbot filament was more smooth. Hatchbox was in between. Of course this is all subject to the person mixing the pellets and pigments at the factory on a particular day and who is supplying the bulk material stock.

Thanks. I have some esun glow in the dark which I think is the same as Inland. It glows nice but boy is it brittle.

FWIW - Inland GITD glows brightly and has a mostly white, kinda off white print color. I've used it and Hatchbox GITD and prefer the Inland stuff. Not sure who makes it for them, but it glows much brighter that Hatchbox's does.