Creality 3D CR10 Heat bed cable support and corner Guides for stock glass bed (Tight fit) No play on the corner parts.

by Smithy828 Oct 17, 2017
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I couldn't fit the glass because the plastic above the springs raises the bed up too much so I cant tighten the springs enough to fit it under the nozzle. I hope that made sense.

Hi not sure why it would be different on yours unless you have shorter springs, works fine for me.

what practical function do these actually serve?

I made them because I didn't just want the heat bed strain relief on its own makes it look a little more symetrical plus it keeps the build plate in position, I use mine without clips as the corners hold it in place now.

Will this work for CR10S5

Not sure jist cr10 and cr10s as thats the only machines I have , be interesting to know whose used it on other creality machines like the ender etc.

Hello, I love these, but I was wondering if you have a cleaner mesh model for these? The layers view in cura was doing some weird jagged printing and I couldn't figure out why, so I loaded it into meshmixer, and I found out why. I attached images. I tried cleaning up the mesh, but I made it worse. Could you post a new stl? If it's not too much to ask. I know it's hidden from view under the bed, but I'm a little OCD haha, and I really like these corner guides and want them to come out great!

I'll try one day just knocked them off quick.

Hi, do you know that it will work for the cr10 mini?

Hi sooo sorry for late reply I don't get notifications on this, I'm sure you've figured your question out by now a year late

I'm using these on an S4, and I love them. I'd love to see the arms, especially the strain relief arm, a bit thicker, and see the strain relief bend 90 degrees to the left though. Frankly, if the strain relief arm alone was reinforced a bit, and turned, I'd call this a perfect upgrade part!

Printed using PETG.

Thanks for the tips, maybe a little thicker would be good, unfortunatly the 90 degrees to the left or even tilted down a little, would cause it to catch / rub on the frame when moving back and forth.

There is to little material. I had a problem where they would bend under the force of the springs.

What plastic and infil are you using ? I would use 100% infil if your ABS isnt up to it, I've had no problems with Tech ABS at 40% infill but I would do 100%

Same issue for me. I was getting really weird shifts in my prints and only just realized that it was from the glass shifting due to the parts being bent..

Thats really bad what plastic is it ? I had no trouble with Tech ABS with 40% infill I've also printed some at 50% and 100% and had no troube with warping on any. if your using standard abs I would do 100% infil if you want them to last.

Also you are using the bed clips still ? I never said they were a replacement for them, even though I've successfully printed without the clips with no movement, I still use them

PLA. They were working great at first without clips which is why I didn't think of the glass causing the weird lines. But bent over time. I'm glueing them in place as a temp fix until I decide to reprint at 100%
This is what it was causing my prints to do tho

Ahh I wouldnt use PLA as its melting warping temp is a lot lower than ABS, just use ABS or anything more resilient.
eben with gluing them they will still destort overtime as they will still go soft with with the bed heat. :(

Just switched to a 12*12 mirror. So now they don't fit at all anyways. Care to remix it a bit with a lip for people who run them
So a 305mmish? version vice a 310mm

hey dude. did you find or make a mirror version? i like this design with strain relief etc, but i spent all day yesterday in tinkercad on a different project and i know i'll take ages even for something as simple as this! would rather avoid it if you have a file..

Hi I never had that problem I used tech ABS it's probably a little stronger than normal ABS and 100% infil.

Maybe it's the type of filament you've used, did you print 100% infill if using a weaker plastic.

Oh, ok!
I didn’t know that, thanks for the info.
It is working fine now.

I didn't want to relevel my bed so I glued mine

Glued the corners on? :D

The Ikea mirrors and other 300x300 beds will fit as they are smaller the bed is actually bigger than 300x300 I think it is 305x305? So for actual 300x300 beds would need a lip to make it tight.

The actual bed is 310x310. I was in the middle of designing these. Looks like you beat me to the punch lol Thanks!