Re-X Carriage (Titan Aero extruder, Re-D-Bot)

by NickRimmer Oct 23, 2017
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Can make a carriage for 2 mgn12h top and bottom and adjusted for Bl Touch?

Anybody figure out the changes in marlin for the optical endstop? I am having a hell of a time trying to get it working.

or how to rig a mechanical endstop?

How long M3 bolts are you using with this carriage? The original titan front plate bolts seem to be just a bit too short.

is it possible to print it in PLA?

any plans to add a Bltouch sensor for it?:)

Any chance you could include the solidworks files for the actual fan duct filament holder? I wanted to do a full circle part cooling fan, but am having problems being able to edit the files and add what I want.

Also posting the front would be awesome so that we can add probes to it.

You sir, are a badass. Im dying to finish one of these things.

What do i need to cgange in marlin to make the Optical endstop work ?

Did you figure out what needed to be changed in marlin?

Gave up, i Just modified it to use regular switches

Comments deleted.

Hello, is it easy to change the filament?

the fan blower mounts are compatible with the volcano nozzle?

Hello! This is great!

I am thinking what would be the best way to add some Z-probes, though, like

1) Bltouch is very famous
2) Mini IR sensor from the Duet guy
3) New Piezo super sensitive probe from precision piezo

Since the only source you provide is for the nozzles, I guess it should go there somewhere, but I would love to see your ideas.

I added a mount for the Mini Differential IR Height Sensor in the remixes.

It would be great if there were some more Z probe options. Or an option to use the E3D Volcano nozzle.

I saw your design on the D-bot with precision piezo. I like that design. But I think it would be awesome that this design from NickRimmer could be fitted with a precision piezo. Are you working on it? I'm pulling my hair figuring out how this could be achieved (without messing too much pieces from this design).

I was wondering the same, since I use the Duet mini IR sensor.
Was thinking to maybe design a bracket that could attach to the two lower bolts that mount the Aero heatsink, but that wouldn't work with the front cover.

Without the original files it's very hard to make changes. One can always import the mesh but that's not the same as having the part on a format that has all the info.

I think that a good way to approach that is making changes to the Titan mount that is removable, that's where I would start looking to adapt the piezo or the IR one. No idea about the bltouch because I never used it.

Yeah, it would be nice to have editable files (step or something), but we have to make do with workarounds.

I ended up printing a small, flat mount to screw the IR probe into, then filed a millimeter or so out of the bottom of the fan bracket and glued the mount/probe to that. It would have sat too low otherwise.
Not ideal, but it works.

I don't even have my Aero upgrade parts yet but I will have to figure something out by then. The fan bracket seems like the only reasonable place to put it. That bracket could be modified to include the tab at the correct height but also maybe a more structural mount. My fan bracket is not very stable.

I am working on a BLTouch ++ DiiiCooler upgrade for this extruder setup. Check it out here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2686162

I'm not quite done designing it. But I am very close. Have to put my extruder back together and try the latest changes to see if everything lines up perfectly.

I've converted all the files to STEP format to make it easier to remix and do stuff like add your own probe mount etc.
I can't upload the zip or the step files here, so here's a google drive link to the zip: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-V6-5NrtG65UtnT1NoUkkjNO90bvT3oo

I think you need m5x40 bolts that have threading all the way down. At least if you are planning on using the lock nuts.

Forgive me Nick if Im not able to see it. Is this extruder compatible with BL touch or similar parts? Great design btw

Awesome design, but I just started printing the front cover and well... fingers crossed. Looks like it will be 90% support and those inner walls are super thin.

All stl files are printing as is, without supports (;
I recommend to print it with 0.4mm nozzle.

It printed well with supports but I can't get good results with those bridges in PETG.

A great job, I love it !!! Congratulations !!!

Great! How do you think, does this carriage fit with the mod mgn12h ? https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2170087

D-bot linear rail upgrade kit
by Tick007

There is made adaptation for one of my prototype versions already, probably author will update it for release version too.

Re-D-Bot X cartridge for E3D Titan Aero and MGN12 rails

I'm in love, I'm definitely going to print one of these to keep on stand-by.

Very cool design ! And with nice ideas : belt tensionner, self locking nuts for the wheel ... Congratulation Mister Rimmer !!!

Thank you Mister Stéphane (;

Добрый день. Вы не планируете переделывать модель под рельсы? Было бы здорово.