Passenger car for OS-Railway - Fully 3D-printable railway system

by Depronized Oct 17, 2017
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Have you considered making an Overton stye car? I run all Steam era equipment and am always trying to get Overton cars, they are hard to get. After that Madison style cars but they are more available. Thanks. PS I run MTH trains and track. Scaletrax is the most true to scale track made for O guage, Code 148 rails! A thin black ribbon for te center rail, it nearly disappears when use with some ballast on the track. But I will be printing some of your cars, they are much less expensive than buying them, So Thank You !

They were made in the usual mix, Baggage, coach, diner, combo bag and coach. Some had window up top, some did not, I'd go without for the early versions - smooth curved roof or stepped roof w no little windows in them.

Perfect! Do you have an example of locomotive that used to pull these? (the shorter the better for this track system).

Any Steam engine up to a 4-6-2 is appropriate, Some less profitable railways used them with later steam up to a 4-8-4 but those were rare. MTH Sells (or sold) a set of 4 with a 4-4-0 pulling them.


That actually looks like a fun project and not that much work, I can re-use a lot of my stuff for it. If you could find a 3-view and some more pictures/drawings, I could make such a car!

Beginner model builder here, trying to find the wheel shaft online but found so many different types with the same measurements. Would very much appreciate if you could give an example (or even better a link on where to buy them in Sweden).

Tack på förhand! :)

is it ( os railroad) in 1/32 scale

No it's 1:45 (O-scale), I know it's easy to mix 32mm track width with 1:32 scale. Although if you are interested in 1:32, a up-scaling is always easier than downscaling so should work although I cannot leave any guaranties.

Would you possibly be able to upload instructions? Sorry, just worried about assembly.

Nothing to be sorry about, I know it's not always super obvious how these things are supposed to be assembled. :) I'm right now in the process of putting some youtube assembly videos together, first out will be the turnout and then a video about the boogie for the cars (including this one), so keep an eye on this page the coming days, can't promise you exactly when I'll publish it but hopefully during this week.

good design!. I love it: D as soon as I finish the 141 I print this

Thanks! And a tip for your 141, I put a DCX 16mm and one-stage planetary gear in mine and it's so fast that it literally flies of the track in the tight curves. :D so, go with a bit higher gear reduction if you want safe operation. :)
I have to update the wifi web control panel because the speed lever isn't working on iOS. Will update that as soon as possible, and if someone is nerdy enough, they could put together a graphical representation of a real locomotive dash, I don't have the time for that unfortunately but that would be cool. :)

You are working to fast, I'm still struggling with Z70 :-)

See it this way, now I've given you incentive to finish the Z70, because this car works perfectly with the Z70. :P And by the way, if you haven't found a suitable motor check the motor suggestions on the Hectorrail 141 page, although I strongly recommend the ones with higher gear reduction. I put an even stronger motor than that one (a DCX16) on the Hectorrail and now the top speed is way too much for my layout, it's flying off the track in the tight curves. :)