Bicycle Ceiling Mount

by sharky41 Oct 17, 2017
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i'm having trouble downloading. I don't use dropbox?

Thanks for answering, it is a Windows 10 issue on my computer.

You should be able to click the individual part files to download them each separately. I don't know anything about having to use dropbox.

Will the handlebar hook accept a MTB size stem/bar? I haven't measured your design, but at first blush it appears narrow? I noticed 4 holes in the forward hook as well. I'm curious of their purpose. :)

The four holes on all the parts was just me recycling the design to save me some trouble on any of the parts involving the pully. on the hooks, they dont really serve a purpose, unless you wanted to loop a string through them to tie the bike securely into the hook.

I wasnt entirely sure of the common measurements for handlebars, if you can give me a number, I can modify the part to fit.

Currently the space between those hooks is 1.5 inches.

I sincerely doubt it can hold my 23 kg bike reliably

Well, give it a shot and let us know.

Keep in mind the orientation the parts are printed makes a huge difference, if you print the pully parts as is in the stl files then the forces would be pulling apart layer lines, but printing them on their side will mean your bike will be pulling perpendicular to the layer lines and parts are way stronger this way. Especially if you start getting into ABS parts.

I'm plenty open to -Constructive- criticism.

Printing in PLA is much stronger especially if you bake them .. see https://youtu.be/CZX8eHC7fws

Ok, I'll just try it and we will see if it will fail or not.
I'll just hang my bike few centimeters high from floor, so even if it'll fail, it'll be no big deal.

Alternatively you could test each part to about 10-15kg hanging a weight off of it.

I'm in the middle of printing Christmas gifts now, once I'm done with all that I may bring the parts in to work, and use our load frame to test the exact forces on the parts. However, if each of the hooks can manage 10kg for a sustained period, then they should not have much issue splitting the weight of the bike between the two hooks.

I designed most of the parts thicker than i would normally have comparable parts, and had planned to print with a high % infill, like 60-100% to deal with the forces it will have to contend with.

Any update on testing it?

Unfortunately no. Just moving into the house now...so funds are tight for printing supplies.

Last night I printed the forward pulley housing and tested this with an Instron Load Frame we use at work. I cannot yet speak for the other parts, but this one saw 359.86 lbs of force before breaking.

I printed at .35 layer height, 20% infill, 3 perimeter lines, 4 top and bottom layers with PLA.

Keep in mind here that PLA sitting along the roof of a hot Garage is going to allow parts to warp. best to use ABS or PETG.
The hook is going to withstand less force before breaking, however, even if you figure half of what this part broke at, you're still looking at about 180lbs of force.

The parts must be printed on their sides. it means dealing with plenty of supports, but if they are printed as the files are oriented the layer lines will be the wrong direction.

Eventually I would like to print out the each of the parts and test them. However with the performance of this first part, I would feel reasonably confident lifting and suspending a bicycle with this.