Aomway Commander Tactile Button/Switch Replacement Head/Cap

by regnets Oct 18, 2017
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Does anyone know why when i go to print this it sends the extruder past the print bed. I have even changed the location of the print in cura to be more Lh front of the bed as it was taking the extruder to the back Rh side and printing into thin air. Its still doing now. I am using a creality ender 3. Thanks for any assistance.

I tried to print this on my Ender 3 and my Tronxy and the print ended both times succeaful, however the print is not useable from both printers as the walls of the button are just to thin to geht printed on my fdm machines. You will need something like the shapeways resin printers to get devent results in my opinion.

I tried to print it om my Anet A6, but no joy (as expected). So I tried your suggestion and ordered the button at Shapeways. Well, it fits like a glove and the quality is superb! I Really happy with it! Thank you!

Thanks a lot for your comment. Would you mind if i use your images as pictures for this model?

I didn't ordered this prints at thingiverse, as i am a cheapskate and i think they are just very expensive ;). However after you order i got enough credit to buy a pair. So no more swapping the button from left to right :).

Thanks again.

Yes ofcourse, my photo's are public domain :-) Use them and abuse them (thanks for asking dow).

I really like your design, in fact, you saved my Aomway Googles! I lost the button in the first week i got the googels (9 months ago). So i'm REALLY happy i have spares knobs now. You have no idea how many times i contacted Aomway and several dealers to get a spare knob. So yeah, thank you for designing this, and feel free to use the photo's as you like :-)

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Thanks!! the same thing happened to mine. Lucky I did not lose them... but I don't want to take any chances.