Zipper Pull using paperclip

by hamano Oct 19, 2017
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Great design - fast printing at 0.3mm and works perfect! Thanks!

Thank you for trying.

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Thanks for the design. Very useful. Have used the prints on multiple old bags that had lost zipper tabs. Works wonderfully. No screws required.

I tested out enlarging the size for larger paper clips. In the US, resize in all dimensions (x,y,z) to 143% will work perfectly for larger size paper clips that are 1 3/4 inches in size. The standard print will work for regular size paper clips that are 1 3/8 inch in size.

Printed with no supports and with a brim. Printed with large flat surface down as shown in picture in main picture as well as in my picture.

Thank you for trying. As I tried only one type, it is very helpful.

what are the dimensions of the paperclip?

Sorry about the late reply. It is 29 mm in length and 7 mm in width. The edge of the photo is straight type, but round type can be used.

I just printed this and had the best results by standing it up on the open end.

Dude. Totally legit! This is the proper way to print this!

Just made sense!

Works great. Thx!

Thank you. I hope your 3D print life is enjoyable.

I have already printed 4 of these to fix up pieces of luggage and backpacks I had. Thanks a ton dude!

Thank you for using. That word is the most pleasing.

What orientation should I use to print this? Looks like the hole should point up?

Please print in the same direction as data or photo. It is the size of the hole considering the bridge.
If the hole is small, you can print it slightly enlarged.

How can it print on its side? Won't the top collapse? I think it would need supports.

With this width of bridge, many printers can print without support. Please, check the print settings.
I turned on the cooling fan and printed it with PLA. If your slicer is Simplify 3D, I might advise a bit more.

Real nice one piece design. Most other are 2 parts or require screws. I travel alot and can print out a few to carry when my luggage zippers get pulled off. Thanks for this efficient design. One question, why not make the inside notch round instead of flat? most paperclips are rounded both sides. I will try to modify the stl file for round clip end, is better for emergency situation and no pliers available. Thanks

edit = nevermind, I think it might work out ok even for round clips. Looks like there is just enough clearance.

Thank you for using. I was also worried about that.
I did not set a large gap. Instead, I narrowed the width of the notch.
You can also use round clips.

OK, I printed out a few and they worked out pretty well. Was a little difficult to insert the clip, possibly a little bit of sagging in the channel during the bridging, I think maybe increasing z axis (slot height) a little bit might be a little better, maybe 105% to 110%. I'll give that a try. The rounded clip worked ok, it has barely enough clearance for the rounded edges. All in all, still a great one piece design and works as is.