Tronxy X5s Mega Gantry Plates

by graham01 Oct 19, 2017
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Can you supply as a fusion 360 or solid works part file? I wanna use the part in an assembly in solid works and I can’t use the stl.

Can you supply as a fusion 360 or solid works part file? I wanna use the part in an assembly in solid works and I can’t use the stl.

Hi, I don't suppose you could send me an OBJ or SCAD file of the design of these could you please? I'd like to remix it to align the belt paths with the new type of print head and also reduce the height of the X beam support to allow the head to travel fully. It appears Tronxy have redesigned the head components and this doesn't fit very well with the new design.
Any info appreciated.

I have been cursing all around the house for the past 2 days since I found that my printer is printing ellipses instead of circles and rombs instead of squares. I was cursing twice as much when I found the reason was in this gantries. I was even thinking in cutting the printer in peaces, because this ware the 1000 mechanical build in issue that I found and the most important one. I remain speechless for a minute when I saw your gantry design....It will resolve all my problems. I can not get why the Y rail is not in the middle of the gantry since the printer is symmetrical. Whatever. This will work perfectly !!!! Now the only thing I should do is finding some well working printer to print my new gantry. Thanks a lot.

This clashes with the new Tronxy X5S rear belt attachment point, limiting X movement and preventing the x end stop from actuating. A small
relief will be needed in the gantry plates where they extend around the back of the X extrusion.

The Z end stop location with the supplied bracket no long actuates on the adjustable end stop screw in the bars that hold the Z bushings. Meaning the whole end stop needs adjusted, to adjust the Z height.

Hy, good job! It is possible to get the cad files to change the upper surface. Have a good time, it comes back over 'Makes'!

Was there a version without the stacked pullies?
Which is better - stacked or separate?

doesnt really matter. the only thing which matter is that the belts are lined in parallel on the gentry to remove deformation in prints

Greaat works !! What are you use for pulley ?

Should this be used with a belt straightener modification on the extruder as well? It appears like the OP graham01 used one making the belts come straight off the extruder. If so is their any recommended one or can anyone suggest a good one to print for stock extruder?

Also is it best to seperate the front idler pullies for example with this modification designed to go with the mega plates? https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2838609

in your description, you say redesigning the X stop bracket... you meant Y stop right ? the X stop is on the carriage.

I am printing this out now. I was wondering with the new end stop how do you adjust the z-stop? I can't tell from the pics.

The only thing that leaves me a little puzzled is the weight of this gantry.
How about slimming your design a little like this?

I like this Idea except I would like where the idler puller are beefed up.

The most logical improvement for our X5S, great job!
I printed everything in PETG, layer 0.2mm, three perimeters, infill 60% full honeycomb and are very solid.
I'd like to know where you found those full metal pulley.
I would like to reuse the original bearings, so I'm wondering if these could work well with your mod:


But maybe yours have other dimensions, they seem higher.
Happy Christmas!

poulie tronXY X5s
by kawa18

So Graham could you tell me did you remove one of the bearings from the pully on top of the gantry? It looks like your screw head goes in deeper.
Also would you mind telling me what you used for spacers between the pulleys on top of the gantry? I can't seem to get the pully bearings to spin freely when applying the nut to secure them. I'm guessing I don't have a small enough washer in between them and they bind up..

I am in the process of building this with your mega gantry plates and everything fits excellent. I was wondering what you used for your pulleys? They look extra wide and I am trying to figure out how to get my motor pulleys high enough and belt alignment figured out. Thanks for your help and a great design.

If given any choice, which filament would you recommend as best? PLA, ABS, PETG, or other.
Thanks, Ron

A good Pla would probably work, but since its a mechanical part that will be under some strain, I would print in Petg. You could certainly do ABS if you felt the need, but I dont think its quite necessary.

Until you enclose it then you will. :)