Marble Pump to build a Hubelino Marble Machine

by ewap Oct 21, 2017
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Hi, can you design a longer screw to get more hight? To get more hight with the current version I need more than one ball, right?

You can try my more modular remix for infinite height with just one ball:

Hubelino Marble Pump (very modular)
by ortwin

Thanks! Didn't see that.

Printed at 100% and fit is perfect - some a little tight first few times but readily separated after a dozen or so times.

Hats off to the designer! My grand kids are going to love this!

Hi there,

i want to print that, and allready did the generic bric. Kept to your scale of 1,005 as i'm printing PLA, and the distances seem right. The bricks fit so tight it's imposibble (at least for my son) to get them apart. Are they this tight, will it get better after a few on/off, or should i play with the scale?


So i'm replying to my self: After using a rounded file/rasp the fit a bit easier. At least i get them of the ground without using a screwdriver. So i guess there are still some issues with my printer (i'm totaly new to that). Works like a charm, my son is happy.
Thanks for the work!

Hi Seven, Sorry for my late answer, im traveling at the moment.

If two printed parts do not fit good together, you should try to adjust the flowrate of the filament.
If the fit is not ok together with generic bricks, the scale has to be adjusted.


Hi Daniel,

thanks for the answer. No need for apologies.
Yeah, i found out that the printed ones fit perfect on the original plates and bricks, just on a cheap aftermarket plate and on each other the stick way to much. I needed a screwdriver to get the pump apart.. so i'll check for the flowrate.