Folding Beard Comb

by Ruddy87 Oct 20, 2017
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I just noticed that every second teeth is starting at the second layer, effectively printing in air. Is that intended?

bearded breathren unite!

I love this thing. I made a bunch for friends and family with a combination of Wood Filament and Magnetic Iron PLA. The only thing I wasn't a fan of is how the comb can rotate all the way back so I remixed the handle in TinkerCAD. The remix handle makes the comb more functional for me.

Remixed handle:

Folding Beard Comb Notched Handle & Mustache Mod

can you email me asap about the straight razor beard comb at barber46366@yahoo.com thank you

Hey, awesome design!

When I try to slice it in simplify 3d, the second to last tooth is mostly missing. Is there any way that could get fixed? Also a little hole in the tail end of the comb would be nice for a keyring. How attached are you to your original files? lol.

Thanks man!

Sorry about the defect. It didn't give me any trouble in Cura.

I cleaned up the model a bit and uploaded the new file. Hopefully that will work better for you. I also added an additional comb design with a small loop at the end. It may take some work to feed it into a split ring but you won't have to worry about it snapping off this way. It's untested so I would love to see the result if you decide to print that version. In theory, it should be solid and its sliced well for me.

Thanks for the feedback!

Oh wow, that was fast. The key chain version looks great! Thank you so much!