Creality CR-10 MicroSD to SD Card Holder

by cooker2003 Oct 21, 2017
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How do I open the Solidworks file in Simplify 3D?

Haha!!! Isn't it a kind of remix of mine???
Do you still have an access to the USB port?

SD Card Holder For Creality CR10
by rmlc460

This worked PERFECTLY! I did a quick edit in Tinkercad to cut a hole towards the top so I could access the USB port.

BTW, why is the orientation such that it's up on it's side? I had to rotate it so it was flat on my bed. Anybody else run into this?

I was looking for a similar object that would handle a MicroSD --> MicroSD extension, but then it occurred to me that I could print this and just design a simple converter to fill the space difference. Thought I'd mention this. Thanks for the design.

Awesome thing, but is there any chance you can remix it to include this?


That way we can have both ports safely to the front of our printers? =]

Just printed and installed your card holder. Works perfectly. Thank You!

Love this idea!

You appear to be using the screws that are already in the case. What do they attach to inside the case and what are the consequences of removing them to mount the holder?

The screws mount the power supply unit inside the control box case. The screws are actually too long anyway (well they are on mine so I've actually loosened them out to be sure they aren't shorting anything inside the unit)

My laptops have SD card slots so I may well try this out myself too. Just need to be sure I can get the same Micro-SD adaptor in the UK

Thanks for replying!

If the screws are removed in order to install this, will the power supply shift out of position? Or can they be removed, install this, then replaced without worrying about having to open up the main box to sit the power supply correctly?

You can remove up to two screws at a time as there's 4 in total on this side that hold the power unit to the case side (the other two screws will hold the unit in place enough providing they are not slack). The remaining two screws are about 5" further towards the back of the control box on the same side. If it all goes pear shaped the control box is easy to open and check internally

I've opened up the box on my machine as there's a slight electrical leakage somewhere. During my investigations to route out the source, I found these screws were rather too long for my liking and may be the source of the leakage being close to something inside the power supply unit.

Great answer. Thanks, again.