Paper Airplane Rubberband Motor

by ViralVideoLab Oct 23, 2017
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Even though its fake, it has potential. The prop needs to be much larger. The prop that is currently on it will probably spin out within a couple of seconds because there isn't enough resistance against it. He most likely dumped a ton of time in developing it and couldn't get it to work. So then he turned to "If you cant make, it fake it". lol

The propeller spins for 1-2 seconds and then stops. The glider is a bit heavy.

How did you put the propeller on his support? I broke the propeller axis

I did it too. Just put broken parts into the hole and glue them carefully with small amount of superglue.

I seriously want to know, who would go to SO MUCH trouble, just to make a hoax!? It doesn't even get you money!
Seriously. That bullshit video. Give me a god damned break. Such an idiot.

Comments deleted.

break easily on the end where holding prop.

I just had the problem for my first try. The holder is VERY strong, not sure to print a new propeller, it will break again for sure.

Cool, but is it real???

This is very cool, my kids love it! I had a problem printing the prop using supports and raft, just look ugly so sliced the prop in half using tinkercad and super-glued the 2 half's together - looks perfect and works great. Thank again pal

I just made the collect tab 666, woooo spooky

500th liker! yeah!
I need to print his so badly i'll post a Make if I remember :D

uhh PLZ post a video of this working OUTDOORS NO CEILING to prove that it's not fake THEN i'll print it.

I was thinking the exact same thing it looks like its on a fishing line the way it fly's in a circle just looked werid.

DOES NOT WORK. The video is a hoax, obviously, but that aside it just can't generate enough force to overcome the weight it adds, making airplanes it's attached to drop like a rock. Why someone goes through all the effort to post it with the model here and con people out of a few grams of filament is beyond me.

use 0 percent infill and 1 perimeter and it'll work

Bullshit, this does not work. To much friction.
Thanks for wasting my time with a fake video.

The video is fake - there is some fishing line attached to the ceiling (not visible in the video) and the plane is hanging on it. You can see how the plane is lifting abruptly and then turns left on each turn (simply impossible to do repeat again and again this path). Also sounds impossible the rubber to hold the energy for so long time.

I printed one model and the friction of the shaft is high and the plane simply doesn't fly as expected. In short - poor design and good cheating video. Obviously the guy spent more time for preparing the video than on the design

The video is obviously fake, but this is still a pretty cool model. I might try making something like this out of better materials that actually works.

Yeah, looks to be on hanging via a tether (the nose down orientation through some of the turn gives it way) - cool concept though