Polar Coaster Drawing Machine

by bartdring Oct 24, 2017
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Very nice design thank you very much for sharing. Just one question if I may is there any reason why not using directly stepper motor for rotation?

Do you think Nema 17's will work if I modify the mounting plate? I have a few extra 17's I was hoping to use. I may just print some of the parts and see how far off it is.It's a great project and so far I've printed the base and it is a well designed part.

Klipper suports Polar kinematics and there is an old Marlin version for R-360 on github https://github.com/kory75

this would be such a great food printer if someone converted it to Marlin :(

I really like the spiral cam!
This is a great idea.

Mind if I ask how whether or not you need to re-scale (if that's the correct term) the Y axis steps per revolution? since its using s 36T pulley while the turntable is a way bigger one. currently in the process of making one and read the blog post, I don't know if I missed that turntable scaling part

awesome build though

Confused on the way the firmware translares the movement, would like to make a polar 3d printer, so as this does would have an X axis and use a turn table as the Y axis

so would need to extract this and program it into marlin

Read the blog post on the kinematics. That describes it pretty well.

I did read the blog post and get how it works, but still alittle confused about how it actually works

Can I use a step motor on the z axis?

I saw your project, congratulations.
in part it reminded me of what I'm dealing with, it's a lamp printer.
I hope you can find it interesting
thanks bye

Thanks for the comment. It was a fun build!


Shafts don't have lengths in your BOM, do they?

It's a little beauty ! Very pleasant to see in action