Jack-O-Lantern Candy Dispenser

by muzz64 Oct 23, 2017
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Would this be able to be scaled up to say 200% or even bigger for more sweetie action

Tes that should be okay... the clearances will just be looser. You will need a big buildplste to make it that big! All the best

Halloween or not, Candy Dispensing is always fun.
I'd love to print black eyes, orange pumpkin and green stem...
Any chance you can post a multi color version? I.e. One stl for the internal rotating part and another for the exterior? Maybe even a split for the exterior pumpkin skin and another for the eyes, nose and mouth?
One might be able to pull it off from the existing model, but it usually is a lot simpler from the original design files?
Thanks for considering (or posting design files?)

Assuming you have your own design app you can split the .stl provided yourself. If you open it you can just delete one part... save a new .stl then do the opposite to get the other part.

However, I've printed some multi-color ones to make the stem a different color just by pausing my machine at the appropriate time and swapping filament. The eyes and nose would be a bit more challenging... it could be split but that's only worth doing if you have a dual extrusion machine. I can try and do this is you do... please advise.

I have a diamond hotend - i.e. 3 colors in, one out :). 3 colored extrusion setup is possible and even mixing is a theoretical possibility, but I would need to write some gcode postprocessor still for that since my printer has no open source and doesn't support mixing via gcodes.
So yes I could print it if you split it.

It's easy to send the centre and outer parts, already prepared, but the eyes and mouth may be a problem... I'll see what I can do. I just don't want to cause any file issues. I won't post this so please message me your email address so I can send the files direct.


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I made it and it looks great! How did you make it when i use my 3d printing soft where there are only blocks and circles?

Pleased you like the design. I assume you are referring to the 3D design process used.... this relies on having more advanced software than it sounds like you have. There is a lot of options and with vastly different capabilities... and cost. I use Rhino.... Fusion 360 is a free one that lets you do a lot.

I hope this helps.

It took 14 hours on my FF Creator Pro but turned out really well. I had to break the center free with a razor knife (as suggested), but it works well now. Thanks for a very cool design!

Long, but very successful print. I think this came in at about 12.5 hours, but worth it. I am going to do another in orange whenever my filament order shows up. Thanks for another amazing design!

FYI - it holds about 6 of the 'trick or treat' sized Skittles bags :-)

Pleased you like it!

Whats the settings in cura 3.0.3? The integreated supports will not print correctly. The thin lines ar not will print. Thx guys.

If I could help I would but all my files are sliced with MakerBot Print and printed on MakerBot's. However, try the following which has helped in many instances with other designs:

(1) Rotate the design 45 degrees on the build plate before slicing. That may help the slicer recognise the support structure and it will build the tool path differently.

(2) Uniformly scale the model up a few percent. A little but of additional size can make all the difference to the slicer.

I hope this helps

Cura , used by Automaker from CelRobox, fails to calculate the print. Only after three times trying, it gives 19 hrs for 200 micron.
Not sure if printing is smart, based on the Cura-comments below....

It is a lengthy print sliced with any app / printed on any machine but it is what is required to get this end result... they are popular with everyone that sees / uses it!

Will this dispense candy corn?

Haven't tried it for that but it should be fine as long as the pieces are no larger than about 15mm in diameter and not too sticky...

I printed one in white and it turned out great. Pulled it off the printer, broke away the supports, and everything turned great. Gave it to my wife to take to work before I remembered to take a picture.

Maybe I'll print another one with clear filament to see how it looks.

Nice design, love the functional moving things you make :P

One request, could you upload a version where the two parts are separated? (for multicolor print) Thanks ;)

So as not to confuse other members with lots of file down load options I can save the parts in separate .stl's for you and email them... please message me your email address.


How about a cap for the stem? On the off chance the candy lasts long enough that dust could get in there before it's all eaten. ;-)

I thought about that but you're right the candy doesn't tend to sit around for long at all. In addition, it's not prone to coming out because of the location of the outlet in the tube. If inverted the candy goes to the bottom (inverted top) and the hole in the stem is above it unless it's really full. I decided to keep things simple and just a one piece print....

Muzz64, another great design, Thank you!!

Printing note: If you are using Simplify3D to slice this make sure Allow Single Extrusion Walls is set for the External Thin Wall Type under Thin Wall Behavior on the Advanced tab for the slicing process. This will allow the built in support for the mouth and face to slice properly.

(Process: Advanced (tab): Thin Wall Behavior (middle of left column):External Thin Wall Type = Allow Single Extrusion Walls)

Thanks for sharing this for everyone. I test print everything with on my MakerBot's using the Makerbot app so don't see these issues but I am well aware other apps slice differently. This should help ensure great results!

Cura can't seem to handle the thin lines at all, is there any we we could ask you to upload a stl with thicker supports? Making the many smaller lines as thick as the one in the center would do the trick.

I can do that if necessary but probably wouldn't have time until this weekend so for now there's a couple of things worth trying that may overcome the issue.

Try the following and let me know if it fixes it:

Uniformly scale it up a few percent (3-4%)

Rotate the file 45 degrees in Cura before slicing it

Worth trying!

I've seen many of your designs and conclusion... you must be the best maker around here.

Thanks for the compliment... greatly appreciated!

Nice! Won't candy get stuck under the opening in the green part in the 3rd pic?

No... the design prevents that from happening. Note the structure on the left under the green bowl. That runs right around the inside to keep the hatch closed except when it aligns with the mouth. I hope this adequately explains the way it works.

All the best

What I mean is that the candy will get stuck in the space towards the middle of the green part from the opening under the word "CANDY" in the 3rd pic. :l

The green part forms a complete bowl (with a tube coming up the centre) that the candy sits in. There is no way it could get under that surface. If you are referring to the hollow area in the lower portion of the centre tube the candy can't get in there either. That part is hollow to save filament and print time but there is no opening that could allow the candy to enter. To keep it hollow when sliced it needs to be seen as an open area so there is a pin hole designed in to make this work.

If you are just referring to the bowl part itself, unless the candy was sticky it will just roll around in there...

The bottom line is I've printed several of these and given them to people for Halloween. As long as small candy pieces is used there is no issue. Just turn the top to open the hatch, lean it forward and shake it a bit if necessary and the candy will come out the mouth.

It works!

All the best

That's where I though you were referring to however it doesn't get stuck... once the hatch is open just roll the pumpkin slightly forward and the candy slides out the mouth. The centre stem is round so the candy is not prone to staying behind it when the pumpkin is leaned forwards towards the open hatch... worst case scenario give it a small shake and they more towards the lowest point which is the hatch (when tilted forward slightly). My son's be through all too many small packs of candy already 'testing' this and he's got every one out every time without issue so far!

Okay. Thank you for answering my questions quickly. ;D
I am currently out of orange so I may print this later when I get some.

Printing this right now for a Halloween party. Looks like an awesome design. I'll post a picture of the print!

Thanks. .. I'll look forward to seeing the photos!

Pleased you like it!

If I wouldn't be printing christmas stars at the moment I would have started with this right away :D

I love your designs! 225 strong, keep it up!

Thanks for your support!