Game of Thrones coasters- 2 tone

by petran1420 Oct 24, 2017
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Hiya, I have just tried printing this on My Ender 3 but it is coming out like this, I tried fiddling with the settings using cura but it keeps happening, any idea on a fix? Thanks in advance

Wowza, I have no idea. That looks like layer shifting to me, which is usually indicative of a mechanical error on the printer, like a slipping cable or something similar. But if it's only happening on this print and nothing else then I really am not sure; maybe others have had this happen to them? I always use Slic3r PE since I have a Prusa and have never had a problem like this. Sorry to not be more helpful!

I have given my machine a once over after you mentioned mechanical problems and it seems like the metal rod at the back,( the spiral one that controls the y axis) wasn't as secure as it could have been. Hopefully this fixes it, and if it does, thanks again.

Well at least I have an idea where to look, it has done it with a few items but seems to be fine with the test dog. It's bugging me like mad lol. Thanks for the reply though.

any chance of adding house martell

Brilliant! worked a treat one very happy daughter!

The places nearby me that do 3D printing are charging my by the gram. Does anyone know how much these weigh when printed?

Hi there,

I just weighed one right now and it was 21 grams. Though the weight would differ slightly based on the sigil, and more importantly infill percentage. I think the one I weighed was 20% infill.

I have several sets for sale on my Etsy page (link in description), so if your place nearby gives you a quote similar to my price, consider supporting the creator! I get people want to find the best deal, though :)

Hi there! I love your designs and already printed them and posted a picture! will it be possible for you to create the coasters of some other houses? i.e: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:674881

Game of Thrones Coasters

Howdy, I can start working on some more; what Houses in particular would you like to see?

thanks for your response mate! what about other relevant houses such as Martell, Arryn, Tully or Bolton?
what program do you use to create your designs?
Oh by the way, the Tyrell sigil design only has 1 layer atop the coaster base and when printing with two different colours.. it just looks a bit lighter than the outer circle. It looks ok but not as perfect as the other ones.

Ok, I added Tully and Arryn. Haven't tried them out yet, but you should get a perfect Arryn, and 3 layers of Tully. I tried Martell but it's going to take some work. My computer is having trouble turning the mesh into an .stl ; martell sigil has about 30,000 facets.

I'll work on the Tyrell sigil soon. See if I can get more layers

Any update on the Tyrell layers? Just tried printing these and am unable to complete the set. Tyrell sigil just doesn't have the same look as the others with only 1 top layer. Great work on these tho, very much appreciated!

I love these coasters! but they won't seem to print properly from S3D for me. Any chance you can send me the SVG files (if you have them)? I've been tinkering with my own set of coasters and think i can get these working right in S3D for me.

Sorry for the late reply. I made the coaster template in Fusion360, and then put the logo stls on each template separately. I uploaded the .f3d file for the template, but I'm not sure if that is compatible with S3D, which I've never used before...