Cable chain / cable tie

by junaling Oct 26, 2017
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Suuuch a great system, I'll post my make later today

I really like this chain.
I'm trying to make my printer less noisy with different mods. I wanted to know if this chain is quiet enough or adds significantly noise.
Thank you for your answer.

The chains does not introduce any significant noise, you can apply lithium grease or even candle wax to lubricate the chains

Thank you! I like it!

Why this need to be two parts connected with the the cable ties?

1) Easy to print
2) Easy to install
3) Easy to adjust, if in the future you need to add more cables in, just print the appropriate brace, no need to replace/print the segments
4) Smaller profile than closed channel chains

Those were my initial thoughts when I came up with this

Why do the models have those little supports near the curved part to the bed? They need to be cut off with snips, rather than just letting people use supports in their slicer

Depending on what material you use, slicer generated supports can be messier to remove than these, PETG for example. I'm working on version 2, I will provide one without supports

Thanks. Should I wait for v2? Are you making other improvements?

I love the simplicity and speed of printing for these. Thanks so much for sharing.

For v2, it's tight fitting and may not be suitable for PLA, the segments are 3mm longer, the bottoms are chamfered, edges are rounded, and the cable braces are redesigned

That wouldn't be an issue for me as I actually prefer to use polycarbonate these days. I'll probably just use the existing design. Thanks again.

I posted v2 yesterday :)

Looking at v2, you've changed the clips to be nearly a solid loop instead of just a U-shape. Is the idea that you bend them open to lside over the wire? I can see why you'd want these made out of petg, or even nylon.

Yes that's the idea, clip opens up in front also it provides a bit of gap between the cable and the chain to further reduce friction

Solved... So in S3D if you duplicate the model then click on "center and arrange models" this weird thing happens and some links will slice including random supports. if you duplicate the link arrange manually...

I seem to be having a problem with this file or my slicers... both Cura and S3D will slice with inconsistent results. Some links slice with supports and some don't (and yes I double checked supports are turned OFF in my slicers). Seems to be random as to which supports get generated. its probable my slicer settings, odd that the problem is the same for both slicers... any ideas..


S3D bug :)

I use slic3r and never had this issue, but I got other more annoying issues with it, cheers.

Can you add the supports to the bed and the frame that you used ?

Sorry, which supports? If you are referring to the y-axis cable chain, see here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2607148

CR-10 y-axis cable chain

Great idea.

I was just about to either buy a 7x15 drag chain - or print myself a closed channel drag chain. But this one is ingenious.
A minimalist, easy to print and easy to work with.

That pretty much sums it all up :) I was also aiming for easily upgradable in case one needs to add cables to the chain and slim profile

I was thinking about this design and I can only tell that it is very important to make sure the bundle of cables is located and pinned directly in the center. So the neutral axis (the one that doesn't change its length ) is aligned with the chain pivots. Otherwise the cables will be subjected to cyclic stress leading to premature failure.

Good point, specially if the bending radius is at it's minimum, those outside the bend will be stretched and those in the inside compressed. it is important to properly arrange the cables and ideally each cable should stay in the same position within the bundle specially in the sections that bend. I find that the bigger diameter cables are not affected that much, but the smaller ones are. I've added several sized braces to help in arranging the cables and also so the cables stay within 3mm of the center, this would also give the cables some movement and not completely pinned to the chain just like a normal closed channel chain would.

That's a cool idea! How well does it work?

Pretty well actually, it's on the y-axis on my CR-10 so far, about 40 hours print so far without any issue !

I will be changing my x-axis chain soon.