Mechanical Spider

by KameelAnirood Oct 27, 2017
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I love it. Would you consider a small tweak (ok, not so small): running each set of legs (left and right) on a separate motor? This way, a motor control board like a TinySine can be used to run it remotely from a SmartPhone and steer it over a surface. I also wonder if you can adjust the gear ratios a bit to allow the legs to rise a little more above the ground to facilitate climbing over obstacles. I know, I know, this is a first cut, but it's so darn interesting, I have to ask....

Hello SkyRider.

Running each side of the spider on a separate drive is what I assume you are asking? If so, then yes, this can be done fairly easily. It will however bulk up the unit as a whole.

Getting the unit to have a higher leg sweep is a bit more complicated. The leg gears would need to become larger (as they are now, they are in a very close vicinity to each other) - so achieving a higher leg movement with a gear ratio change would be a big design change on many parts. Moving the leg post closer to the gear of that leg would result in a higher leg "up" movement with fewer required design changes as you will be directly affecting the angle that the connecting rod makes relative to horizontal. This change would be easier - (just the post, top deck, and bottom deck would need adjustment).

On of the areas I believe should be updated on this design in the "leg" assembly - the leg has one main base pivot point - on the post. As a result, the leg has an amount of flex in it, that steals away some of the motion. Of the upper, middle, and lower leg can be made altogether more rigid, it will make the motion losses through flex much smaller.

All of you suggestions are quite interesting and it would be great to see them materialize.

I am now focusing more on two other projects (A robotic arm and a Gimbal digital camera stabilizer) - so no more spider work for me :)

I will, however upload the STP file for this design (I am sure it would help you greatly in modifying this design)


In the picture attached, this is the flex I speak about above.

The green arrow points to the rotational pivot point for the leg - the main base rotation point.

The red members, since they are so light and thin, tend to flex too much, this flex eats up into the motion of the spider (wasted energy)

If the red members were made to be more rigid, it would increase the output of the spiders motion.

Thanks Kamzo. I can see what you mean and even in the video I can see it. I suppose the legs could be made more rigid but first I would want to make the Spider drive left and right separately. Can't be too as is, then drive the left and right side separately. I have a pair of Lynxmotion Spiders I am playing with which of course are more complicated and challenging, but this Spider seems a lot of fun, for no other reason than to scare the kids as it slowly ambles around the house. Thanks for your input and help!