Universal hose adapter & coupler & funnel, and a web service

by MoonCactus Jul 1, 2012
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Same here, 404 error.

Not working, page not found

Thanx for that great website. Today i urgently needed an adapter to connect new hoses for my pool. Found your site, printed it and the new hoses were connected. Just GREAT!

Oh, you should fix the link in the description: it should be https:// instead of http://, otherwise it will connect you to a misspelled URL. The right one should be: https://www.tecrd.com/page/liens/universal_hose_adapter

Again thanx for the generator, keep it alive! :)

Glad it helped :) Thanks for the link (I fixed it as you said). Interestingly, I published it on one of my servers even before the customizer was available on thingiverse... and I almost find it surprising it keeps on helping people :)

The linked site gives me an error upon generation:

Sorry, an error happened and your file could not be generated!
php universal_hose_adapter.php file=files/universal_hose_adapter_up6tgvcdu4tdvkfnlpcpt98og3 title1=0 cone1_min=28 cone1_max=32 cone1_height=20 cone1_barb_width=0 title2=0 cone2_max=18 cone2_min=15 cone2_height=30 cone2_barb_width=0.8 title3=0 wall_thickness=2 join_ratio=2 barb_flatness_ratio=2 barb_spacing_ratio=2 barb_skew_ratio=0.15 check_guts=0 universal_hose_adapter.php

Great tool though, the customiser one does works, but the linked version looks much better :)

Hi Alex and thanks for the feedback.
This service is just so old (it even predates the customizer!) that I did not think it was working anymore and thought nobody was using it. Now it was only the last reinstall of my server that broke it a few months ago (it lacked a secondary program), so I have just fixed it and it should be running again :)

Oh, this is just great.

It happens that today, I needed a way to connect up a "Neat-O" brand chinese pump to a Coleman air mattress, with a fairly wide sized opening. Nothing included in any of the numerous pumps we have about the house would work either. So when I found this site I was very interested in trying this out
to see if I could make an adapter that would work.

It worked. Beautifully. Picture below.

Printed in Natural White at 20% fill; BP at 115, Extruders at 220, no raft).

I carefully measured the included adapters that came with the pump, and then measured the valve diameter and depth on the air
mattress using a steel ruler ( and converted to metric, too, heh). I figured out where i wanted the shoulder, and then generated the STL. Turned that into G-code with the latest version (0037) and it printed on the first try.

This website and programming are tres cool and you have done a great job
on. I would like to see this featured. 8-)

If you are insterested in suggestions for additional features, perhaps a way to add more conic sections to the adapter, so that one could created a barbed adapter, for example. Also, that would also allow a way to add some filets between annular sections,
for cases like mine where I set the big and small diameters to values that caused a steep edge to form, and that may end being a weak spot. A fillet would help to correct that.

Glad to know it suited you and thanks for the ideas. I've just added optional barbs to the cones :)

I updated the update description accordingly, thanks a lot!

FYI, "page not found." :'(

Oh my bad, I forgot to force french mode! =-O

It should be better now.

Thanks for the feedback!